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Andreja Pejic Has Landed a Major Beauty Contract

Coming soon.

Make Up For Ever has tapped Andreja Pejic as its new face, according to a Vogue profile of the model today. The move will make Pejic one of the first transgender models to star in a major beauty campaign, joining Lea T., who appeared in a Redken campaign last fall. In an interview with last summer, Pejic briefly mused about how landing a beauty contract would be "cray cray." But for now, the only crazy situation she'll need to confront is how to remove Make Up For Ever's perfectly waterproof liquid lip colors, for which we suggest patience and a serious makeup wipe. (A rep for Make Up For Ever told the Cut that the brand can confirm Pejic has a contract with the company, but wouldn't reveal when it would roll out.) 

Bradley Cooper Wore Earbuds on a Social Walk


This afternoon, friendly pals Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller enjoyed a sunny, social walk in downtown New York — moving their feet while chatting and catching up, as friends do.  Brad, a fan of practical footwear and master of casual dressing, was seen wearing a chill backwards baseball cap and his trusty Merrell hiking boots, as well as a pair of discreet, under-the-shirt earbuds. Under the guise of companionship, he strutted around the city casually immersed in the soundtrack of his life. Or maybe he's just listening to a really good podcast?

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What Drives Women Away From a Job Posting?

How data can correct for gender bias.

Kieran Snyder, a linguist and tech developer, uses her training as a linguist to expose the gender bias in the tech industry. For example, when she studied performance reviews, she found that women were way more likely to be criticized than their male counterparts — and that perceived female abrasiveness can undercut women’s careers in tech. A look at résumés exposed a difference in gender style that may contribute to low numbers of female employees.

Textio, which she co-founded, roots out unconscious gender bias in job applications, helping companies tweak job listings to increase the number of female applicants. It functions like a spell-check for gender bias, highlighting phrases that read as masculine and making suggestions to help attract more diverse candidates.

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Watch a Day at London Fashion Week With Leigh Bowery in 1986

Bonus: The segment is hosted by a young, terrified Hugh Laurie.

There's a new theme every day on It's Vintage. Read more articles on today's topic: Club-Kid Style.

Would you like to see a youthful Hugh Laurie trepidatiously traipse into Leigh Bowery's art-filled London apartment and then accompany him as he checks off a fun-filled London Fashion Week itinerary? Wait, stay with us ... while a Weimar-style version of "Walk on the Wild Side" plays in the background, presumably to underscore Laurie's fish-out-of-water discomfort? Then look no further than this 1986 British TV special on Bowery and his life in fashion, which attempts to introduce the colorful clubland denizen to thousands of confused Britons.

The two head to a BodyMap show and a club night at Taboo. »

About That Amy Pascal Shopping List

Invasion of privacy is another version of girl-on-girl crime.

On Monday, Jezebel published a selection of the Amazon orders of former Sony chairperson Amy Pascal (as revealed in her hacked emails), gleefully mocking her "crotch-intensive" purchases. "What does your snizz smell like at the end of a hard day of Leaning In and reading Cameron Crowe’s shitty scripts?" reads the post. "Like a lavender meadow? Probably not!"

Pascal, who was eventually ousted from Sony after her racist and offensive emails leaked, is hardly a beloved, sympathetic figure. But beneath the post's faux-fawning style ("We worship Amazing Amy!"), it seemed to be attacking not Pascal’s misdeeds but her beauty regimen, implicitly shaming her for doing something all women do: buying feminine hygiene products.

It was a strategy that echoed the many internet communities that have made it their mission to force women out of public spaces. When it comes to intimidating women online, misogynists have found that revealing deeply personal information is an especially effective way to shame women into silence — so effective, even, that some men's-rights sites offer cash bounties for the contact and personal information of a specific target. 

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The Two Friends Who Shared Selfies Every Day for a Year

After moving apart, they communicated exclusively by images. 

This week the Cut explores the messy, loving, spiteful, supportive, competitive, joyful, and funny sides of friendship.

In early 2006, Anne Massoni and Chelsy Usher had both recently moved to Chestertown, Maryland, when they found themselves living in adjacent apartments. Neither of them knew many people in town: Massoni had moved home to help her mother recover from a double mastectomy, but had fallen out of touch with her high-school friends; Usher had moved there for a love interest. According to Massoni, their friendship developed very quickly: “It was a very fast, quick ignite of friendship,” she told the Cut. “I think we both sensed that we were artistically minded.”

The two friends only ended up living in the same place for six months. »
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Revolting Style: How London’s Clubbers Got Dressed in the ’80s

“Would you let yourself in?”

“Dress as though your life depends on it or don’t bother,” Leigh Bowery infamously said of the dress code for his weekly club night, Taboo, just off London’s Leicester Square. Bowery — designer, performance artist, club superstar, and finally a paint-splattered one-man canvas — was the outrageous master of ceremonies for London’s mid-'80s underground club scene. With him he brought a bizarre, and often drug-fueled, carnival of psycho-glamour and polysexual debauchery. Taboo’s notorious doorman, Mark Vaultier, would hold a mirror up to wannabe clubbers whose fashion efforts didn’t cut it and witheringly ask: “Would you let yourself in?”

These dress codes might seem galaxies away from what Princess Di was wearing to royal engagements in the same era, but the "Club to Catwalk"  exhibit at London’s Victoria & Albert museum aimed to show just how '80s fashion emerged directly from the underground music scene — and its draconian door policies. "Club to Catwalk" features creations from names like John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Stephen Jones, Betty Jackson, Paul Smith, Pam Hogg, Katharine Hamnett, Rifat Özbek, and Leigh Bowery.

"It’s a world away from slick wine bars and Dynasty power shoulders." »

The 44 Chicest Shoes to Wear This Spring

Fancy slides, knee-high gladiators, and everything in-between.

Every year when the weather starts to warm up, the first thing I do is banish my boots to the back of my closet and begin strategizing about spring shoes. This season, there are loads of cool, affordable styles under under $300, but if you're in the mood to splurge — or just look at pretty things — the Cut has rounded up dozens of cool, cheerful pairs. Oscar de la Renta has a fantastic fuchsia mule, while Christian Louboutin offers up the most perfect black power heel. Or maybe you have an inner Golden Peacock dying to own a pair of knee-high gladiator sandals? Chloé's version is sure to be popular and omnipresent all summer. And if it's trendy '70s-style heels you're seeking, then Miu Miu's peacock-blue brocade wedges and Saint Laurent's studded platforms will fulfill your fantasies. And don't worry, it's not all fantasy shoes, there are plenty of affordable versions of each style mixed into the bunch as well. Click ahead to see the entire selection.

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The Pennsylvanian Transplant Channeling Marilyn Monroe

“I always wanted to end up in New York. During my first month here, I was that idiot who couldn’t stop smiling.”

Lydon MacGregor, Student

Lydon is quite an unusual name. My legal name is Tara, but my parents called me Lily and, a few years ago, I started feeling like I wasn’t a Lily anymore. It’s so feminine, and I identify as genderqueer, so I started going by Lydon, which is my father and brother’s middle name, and it just felt more me. And my partner, Davis, and I, we both decided to go by the pronoun they

“I remember being in Union Square and a gust of wind blew my skirt up and I thought it was the most glamorous thing.” »

25 Famous Women on Female Friendship

From the likes of Beyoncé, Zadie Smith, and more. 

This week the Cut explores the messy, loving, spiteful, supportive, competitive, joyful, and funny sides of friendship.

While some female friendships can be enriching, edifying, filled with adventure (see: Taylor Swift’s “Squad”), others are insanely complicated. Any combination of snubs, slights, misunderstandings, or betrayals can disrupt the status quo — and a rock-solid bond can see-saw into feelings of exclusion and abandonment. The Cut brings you a roundup of words from famous women — from Oprah to Gloria Steinem, J.K. Rowling to Greta Gerwig — on the realities and complexities of female friendship.

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Furry Thongs Have Been Trending Since the 19th Century

Some things never go out of style.

Weird-travel site Atlas Obscura calls our attention to an interesting historical undergarment called the naatsit, which was essentially a seal fur G-string, sewn together with whale sinew. Popular among 19th-century Greenlandic women, the naatsit was versatile — you could decorate it with glass beads — but also practical, because it effectively wicked away any butt perspiration before it froze. The undergarment was made to wear under seal-skin trousers and when entertaining guests around the home — a fact that calls to mind a recent great moment in fur thongs.  

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In Praise of Madonna’s DGAF Style in Desperately Seeking Susan

Her impulsive, mishmashed outfits provided an onscreen taste of the downtown scene.

There's a new theme every day on It's Vintage. Read more articles on today's topic: Club-Kid Style.

When director Susan Seidelman cast Madonna as the title role in her 1985 comedy, Desperately Seeking Susan, the pop legend was still virtually unknown. “Madonna lived down the street from me,” Seidelman told the New York Times in 2010. “We started to audition more up-and-coming actresses who had done some films — people like Ellen Barkin and Melanie Griffith and Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kelly McGillis.” With negligible acting experience (which, at the time, was limited to a few music videos), Madonna was a surprising pick — yet Seidelman was captivated by her presence and personality, and perhaps even more important, her style. As the director tells it, casting Madge was a deliberate move to inject some authenticity into the film’s depiction of the gritty downtown scene of 1980s New York: “We didn’t want actors putting on costumes and playing downtown.”

The costume designer reportedly sought inspiration for Susan’s wardrobe in Madonna’s own closet. »

Chanel Threw a Big, Star-Studded Tribeca Film Festival Dinner

Featuring Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Karlie Kloss, and more.

Last night, Chanel threw its tenth annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner at Balthazar. The intimate party drew a glamorous crowd, from Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman to the Brant brothers. Despite yesterday’s rainy winds, it seemed that almost everyone took the occasion to wear a springy Chanel frock: Karlie Kloss wore a blue tweed minidress, Zoe Kravitz opted for a pink crop top and flared skirt, and Joan Smalls showed up in classic white-and-black pleats. At least one person was not wearing Chanel — though not exactly by choice. “I just want to say, men with long arms can’t wear Chanel,” Michael Rapaport griped. “Maybe they should rethink their sizing. I mean, with the evolution of man, I feel like it’s a small portion of society that can actually wear Chanel.”

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The Secret to Staying Friends in Your 30s

In praise of the high-speed micro-hang.

This week the Cut explores the messy, loving, spiteful, supportive, competitive, joyful, and funny sides of friendship.

Blood soaked through two Band-Aids as I rode the subway to see my friend Jessica for drinks. I’d just slammed my thumb in my building’s front door trying to hold it open for a neighbor. I detoured into a deli to get some ice for the swelling and continued on, reapplying bandages as the G train rattled from Williamsburg to Carroll Gardens. When I arrived, Jessica was sitting at the bar, not wearing her usual heels — a result, she explained, of having recently broken her toe. Hobbled, we drank wine and snacked and talked, having made one whole hour of gossiping a priority not only over putting our kids to bed, watching TV with our husbands, and getting work done, but even over nursing physical injuries.

Having friends in your 30s is functionally impossible. »
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The ’80s Club-Kid Label That’s Getting a New Lease on Life

Talking to the designers of BodyMap about reviving their influential collection.

There's a new theme every day on It's Vintage. Read more articles on today's topic: Club-Kid Style.

At BodyMap's 1984 show, titled "Barbie Takes a Trip Round Nature's Cosmic Curves," the fashions on show competed with the front row, where Boy George, in a black wig and bright-turquoise fingerless gloves, sat next to an equally turned-out Marilyn. Luckily, the collection lived up to its gender-bending audience: It starred androgynous model Leslie Winer and even included male models wearing skirts and bras. The look caused a stir, even though designers David Holah and Stevie Stewart didn't plan to do so. As Stewart told the Washington Post's Nina Hyde at the time, "We didn't have enough women models, so we put the skirts on men. It looked so well that we decided to show it that way on the catwalk." She quickly added, "We designed them for women, but we like to see men wear them." The show was backgrounded by projected scenes from Barbarella and the finale involved two men kissing. "I think we'll pass on this one," a scandalized Gimbels buyer told Hyde.

"It wasn't about money or celebrity, but more of an anarchic approach." »

How to Pose in Wedding Photos When You’re Standing Next to Rihanna

#Rihanna at the #420Daviswedding.

Yesterday, Rihanna was on bridesmaid duty for her friend and assistant Jennifer Rosales. Based on the Instagrams, the wedding looked like tons of fun: It was in #Hawaii, #Rihanna was in the #weddingparty, and the wedding was on #420, as evidenced by the cake pops and the wedding hashtag, #Davis420wedding.

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What It’s Like to Have Severe Vaginismus

"It’s like having an ob-gyn exam every single week for three months, and each time they’d introduce a different size dilator."

Vaginismus is an involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles when a woman attempts to insert something into her vagina. It causes an intense burning pain and can make penetration impossible: The vagina may completely clamp up, blocking entry, as if it were a brick wall. There’s no single cause, and it can be psychological as well as physical. Factors that can cause or exacerbate vaginismus include anxiety, past sexual trauma, or a fear of intercourse (sometimes stemming from inadequate or nonexistent sex ed). There can also be physical explanations, like complications from pelvic trauma or cysts.

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