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Lorde Says Fame Is Not Unlike Getting Pear-Bombed


Brunette mane of lyrical wonder Lorde thinks that the prickly side of fame is similar to a random incident of pear-spearing from a high-school quad. In an interview with Billboard, she said she initially thought: "'Wow, I didn't realize people are that mean.’ But it's because people don't really think of you as a person. You're this entity, this brand." This brings us to the allegorical tale of high school, in which someone hurled a rotten pear at her:

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Madonna Partied With Aretha Franklin Last Night

Plus, Rihanna, Miley, Jared Leto, and more highlights from the week’s biggest parties.

Last night marked the start of acceptably timed Halloween parties, and, predictably, costume enthusiasts were out in full force. In L.A., Katy Perry attended Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween bash dressed as a Cheeto, while back in New York, Peter Brant Jr. threw a costume party in the guise of a spritely Dionysus. Across town, Madonna and Aretha Franklin forwent dressing up and attended Alicia Keys’s annual Black Ball benefiting Keep a Child Alive, while the fashion set — including Hilary Rhoda, Leandra Medine, Giovanna Battaglia, and also Jennifer Connelly — showed up at Dolce & Gabbana’s Artwalk NY benefit. On Wednesday, Rihanna chatted with Tom Ford while wearing confetti pasties (designed by him) at the amfAR gala in L.A., while back in New York, Kanye ventured to Brooklyn Bridge Park to attend the + Pool Fall Swim Benefit. Meanwhile, Madewell celebrated their Williamsburg store opening with Cory Kennedy and Fiona Byrne, Jared Leto hung out with Alessandra Ambrosio at the Rimowa opening party in New York, and Jessica Seinfeld celebrated the launch of the Baby Buggy Stuart Weitzman capsule. Click through the slideshow for these and more highlights from the week’s biggest parties.  

How Will Women Voters Use Their Power This Election?

Both parties want women's votes — whether they know what women want is another question.

When it comes to women voters in Tuesday’s midterm elections, the metaphors are all mixed up. In some headlines, it’s a war. Democrats are still referencing the Republican “war on women,” while GOP candidates say there’s no war at all — it was all a liberal meme. In other headlines, it’s a political dating game. “Women are big this election season,” wrote New York Times columnist Gail Collins last week. “No group is more courted. It’s great!”

So which is it: a battle or a courtship? »

14 Beauty Products to Try If You’re a Runner

How to run as fast as you can without chafing, chapping, or bloody nipples. 

This Sunday, over 50,000 runners will battle mind games, malfunctioning Spotify playlists, and way too early wake-up calls to run the 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon. There are a lot of things that will happen to a body when it's being dragged such a distance in sweaty Lycra. Nipples bleed, lips chap, and thighs chafe.

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20 Chic and Cozy Faux-Fur Pieces for the Cold

Unfortunately, it's time. 

Bad news: If you live in the Northeast, you might wake up to snow showers on Saturday morning. Welcome to winter! When it comes to outerwear, there are endless options. You can go for a black puffer, try the colorful route — or kick it up a notch with a fuzzy coat. In the last two years, shaggy styles were a big runway trend: Last year it was about Muppet-like creations from the likes of Prabal Gurung and Carven; this year saw more color-blocked styles, including those from Marni and Altuzarra, to name a few. (These were big among the street-style set, thanks to the polar vortex.)

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Vivienne Westwood Dressed an Opera Star

A behind-the-scenes look.

Vivienne Westwood seems like a natural candidate for opera design: Her clothes are ornate and dramatic, with touches straight out of the 18th century. In fact, last year, Westwood costumed a production of Handel's Semele in Sydney. And earlier this week, Westwood dressed mezzo soprano Joyce DiDonato for her performance in Alcina, another Handel opera, at Carnegie Hall. Now the designer is sharing her sketches exclusively with us.

The designer told the Cut, “Alcina is a witch who turns people into animals on her island. The dress helps to tell her story of the loss of her power over her lover." For the design, adapted from a gown she showed at couture, Westwood opted for tones of "dirty sea green and anthracite with a fish-scale motif outlined in silver." The dress comes in three layers, all of which become more and more undone over the course of the production's three acts. Westwood was also a fan of DiDonato's piled-high hairdo, which she described as a "triumph."

Valentino Is Planning to Show Couture in New York

Take that, France.

Couture, in the non-juicy sense of the term, has extremely strict parameters. Collections are shown twice yearly, in January and July, in Paris. But designers have been flipping the script on the Chambre Syndicale of late, with Dolce & Gabbana relocating to Sicily for the past couple of years. Now, Valentino has announced it's bringing its couture collection to New York this December, according to the New York Times. And come July, the house will be skipping out again in favor of showing in its home city, Rome. (The brand will return to Paris Couture Week in January 2016, per the paper.) Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo: In conjunction with New York City's new Pegacorn ambassador, we welcome you.

Meet the New SoulCycle Competitors

Give these a spin.

When indoor spinning exploded a few years ago, it seemed inevitable that New Yorkers would eventually grow bored of the pedaling tedium, fed up with the ludicrous prices, jaded or embarrassed by all the new-agey mantras chanted in classes. Boutique indoor-cycling classes like SoulCycle and Flywheel could have easily gone the way of the Cronut or Occupy Wall Street. But instead, the world of high-end spinning in New York has morphed into a full-fledged industry, complete with big investor bucks, the buzzword-happy idealism of Silicon Valley, the hype of the nightlife scene, Zadie Smith’s quiet endorsement in the New York Review of Books, and plenty of industry infighting. Such a crowded field means that the newest entrants have grabbed for ever-more ridiculous ways of distinguishing the exercise experience they offer. Emphasis on the word experience: The actual physical component — 45 minutes of riding set to loud Top 40 and EDM, varying speed and resistance, some light choreography — is largely indistinguishable between studios. There’s a limit, it turns out, to what can be done once you’re actually on a stationary bike.

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North West Is an Adorable Skunk for Halloween

And Blue Ivy went as Michael Jackson.

Future superstar and Illuminati princess North West is right now dressed as a skunk for Halloween. Her mother, Kim Kardashian, is busy posting Instagrams of her "little stinker" running around the house in costume. This is the most adorable thing you'll likely see all day, so you can shut your computer off now and go eat some candy.

All the Caftans Jeffrey Tambor Wears on Transparent

You're welcome.

Transparent's costume design is pretty all-around perfect, from Josh (Jay Duplass)'s L.A.-douche shirts emblazoned with palm prints to Ali (Gaby Hoffman's) chameleon-like style transformations. But perhaps the most standout fashion moment of the Amazon Prime series is the wide array of '70s-style caftans worn by Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) as she transitions. With the exception of Liz Taylor during her Richard Burton 2.0 phase, we've never seen someone so wedded to this particular garment. As costume designer Marie Schley told MTV Style:

We wanted something that was comfortable but maybe a little bit ambiguous. It’s not the big reveal, so we wanted something that might be just a little bit eccentric. You weren’t necessarily saying, “Oh, she’s transgender” or “She’s a woman.” It was an androgynous thing that Maura might wear around the house while she’s finally being herself in the privacy of her own home. And it was kind of an inspiration for the rest of the season. We put her in a lot of caftans.

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I Tried ‘Vinotherapy,’ aka Bathing in Red Wine

“My legs are drunk!” I screamed.

Amar’e Stoudemire, professional fashionista and occasional power forward for the New York Knickerbockers, knows how to live well. So when the NBA’s highest-paid sixth man took to Instagram to share a photo of himself submerged in a tub full of red wine — and told reporters that the wine baths helped improve his circulation — I was curious. Could wine baths help me? Might they stop the crippling charley-horse cramps that plague me at inopportune times? (Like during sex, for example?)

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This Is the Scent of Happiness and Sangria

Gwen Stefani's new feel-good perfume.

It’s easy to predict the kind of scent you're going to get inside a bottle marked “Lil’ Angel.” The latest perfume from Gwen Stefani’s revamped Harajuku Lovers eau de parfum line, Lil’ Angel is uncomplicated, fruity, and bright. It smells like it could sit snugly on the wrists of a teenager, or an eternally youthful adult. But is that so bad?

"Like a more delicate version of the Slurpee machine at 7-Eleven." »

Inside Hood by Air’s Big, Creepy MoMA Party

Well-timed with Halloween.

Red contact lenses, fake blood, Scream masks — the scene at Hood by Air's big "Pop Rally" at MoMA last night could, at times, have been mistaken for a big Halloween party. The event, called "Id," marked the third in designer Shayne Oliver's Freudian trilogy, with "Ego" taking place in New York and "Superego" in Paris. But while those two outings followed the typical show/presentation format a little more closely, this was a balls-to-the-wall party, with video projections, a DJ, smoke machines, and a performance from Mykki Blanco. The Cut's photographer Landon Nordeman was on hand to capture the madness. Click through our slideshow for Hood by Air groupies, hairy dudes in lingerie, and so much more from last night's party. 

Katy Perry Was a Forlorn Cheeto for Halloween

Of the Flaming Hot variety.

Last night in L.A., Katy Perry took Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween party as an occasion to further her pastime of dressing up as her favorite cheesy snacks. Apparently, she’s graduated from her recent preoccupation with pizza and has moved on to Cheetos; yesterday evening saw her dressed as a single puff of the Flaming Hot variety. The costume was also an opportunity to carry a medium-size Cheetos bag as a purse — convenient, tasty, and on-trend.

25 Feminists With Really Great Hair

From Sappho to Yoko and so many more. 

Every political movement has its attendant male hairstyle, from the Roman-inspired dos of Napoleonic France to Maoist bowl cuts to the shellacked pompadours of '80s Republicans. A man can tell his barber his political party and come away looking the part. It’s harder for a woman. Women’s hairstyles are usually about signaling one’s position on the Venn diagram of sexy/old/professional, with various subcategories for things like what kind of mom you are and what sort of human you want to be naked with. With all that going on, it’s hard to also make sure that your haircut is feminist.

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