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Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Is Coming Out Next Month

The brand's first foray into beauty.

The long-awaited Christian Louboutin beauty collection has arrived. Come August, the brand will release its nail-polish collection of over 30 shades, reports WWD. The hero shade of the line is, of course, Rouge Louboutin. This shade of red is directly inspired by the brand's origin story (the brand's first red sole was painted red with nail polish) and will go on sale today, ahead of the remainder of the collection, exclusively at Saks. “I am someone who likes objects,” the designer told WWD. Fifty dollars gets you one glossy Louboutin polish "object," encased in a bottom-weighted, pointy, calligraphy-inspired bottle with 16 facets. It also makes it one of the most expensive mainstream nail polishes (for comparison, a Tom Ford polish retails for $32). This will be the first of several product categories for the brand, with sources reporting that red lipstick could be next. Here's to getting really matchy-matchy.

Why Can’t We Stop Talking About ‘Bikini Bodies’?

The staying power of a troubling term.

Every summer, tabloids and women’s magazines bombard us with news of “bikini bodies,” a predictable ritual with an equally predictable response: Jezebel recently dismissed the term as “infuriating bullshit,” while a Huffington Post quiz promised women that having a “bikini body” requires just a bikini and a body.

The term bikini body was first popularized in a 1961 ad campaign. »

Kate Moss Is Stella McCartney’s Campaign Star

Plus, the designer scored a plum Olympics gig.

Like Phoebe and Daria, Kate Moss and Stella McCartney make up a partnership that's stood the test of time. Moss, who's known the designer since her Central Saint Martins days, is front and center in McCartney's fall campaign, toting the brand's star-embellished Cavendish bag. The series was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and marks the supermodel's seventh time in a McCartney ad; we have a feeling it won't be the last. The brand is also set to release a campaign film titled "Kate Dreams" and featuring original music by Fred Gibson. Said the designer in a press release, "Kate epitomizes the Stella McCartney woman and I wanted to capture her dreams and the moments we have shared over the years. I wanted to escape into something surreal this season and fashion should make us dream, sometimes.” Hear, hear. And in other McCartney news, Grazia reports that the designer will be designing the British Olympic uniforms for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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The Daily Show Deploys ‘Operation Black Hair’

An important mission.

Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams tackles another important issue for us. This time, she dives into recent military regulations that ban black women from wearing "natural hairstyles" (but allow for expensive, time-consuming styles like relaxers and wigs). For all those confused by "natural hair" vs. a "wig" — i.e., the conservative, white military blogger in the video — watch as Williams gives a handy, practical breakdown of black hairstyles — except cornrows, because everyone who has ever been to Myrtle Beach knows what those are.

Rachel McAdams Looked Like a Scintillating Peacock

So much plumage.

Last night, Rachel McAdams was in New York for the premiere of the new espionage-thriller A Most Wanted Man, which took place at MoMA and to which she wore an eye-catching, one-shouldered gown from Zuhair Murad’s fall 2014 couture collection. Featuring a vaguely aquatic blue-and-green print and a good deal of asymmetrical taffeta plumage hanging off her right hip, McAdams looked both poised and exotic — like a chic, contemporary peacock.

The Fanciest Satin Sneakers to Wear This Summer

Just a little bit dressy.

Fancy sneakers aren't a new thing, but Man Repeller's latest collaboration with Superga features a pair that elevates the trend: They're periwinkle-blue satin, just unusual enough to be passable on fancier days. Slip them on with a picnic-day dress or even with rolled-up overalls, and the sheen gives the look a slightly formal touch.  

The Man Repeller x Superga Satin Shoe in Blue, $125 at Superga.

Allure Just Called Lauren Conrad a Basic Bitch

"Sausage curls!?"

This month Allure provided a handy visual definition to the four types of girl a girl can be. They include: "Street Stylist" (Leandra Medine), "Bohemian Hippie" (Vanessa Hudgens), and Normcore (inexplicably embodied by Kristen Stewart). The fourth sad category is "Basic," which the magazine describes as: “Made famous by Kreayshawn and viral by YouTube, the Basic woman is remarkably unremarkable. What’s noteworthy about her style is its very plainness. Except to her. She swears those red-soled shoes are cutting-edge."

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Bey Can Do It! Beyoncé Dresses Up As Rosie the Riveter

Feminist pop iconography explosion.

Beyoncé is taking her role as a feminist pop icon very seriously. Today she payed #flawless homage to Rosie the Riveter in a photo she posted to Instagram. The context is still a mystery (dress-up time with Blue? A trip to the World War II Museum in New Orleans, costumes included?), but given the near-million Instagram likes, Bey's following approves. 

P.S. If anybody makes this into a T-shirt, please let us know.

How to Get Summery, Popsicle-Stained Lips

The look of cherry popsicle.

Before Lip Smackers, before Dr. Pepper ChapStick, there was the simple cherry Popsicle: your first "lipstick" on hot, summer beach days. Depending on the flavor, Popsicles stained your lips that perfect tint — slightly rosy without being too glossy. Now that you're an adult, though, that flush is hard to find, unless it's on the cover of a men's magazine. But Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, makeup artist to the likes of Karlie Kloss and Gisele Bündchen, assured us that the I-just-ate-a-Popsicle look is actually easy to re-create. 

It's a tint with "color but no texture." »

A Trailer for the Unauthorized YSL Biopic Is Out

Starring Gaspard Ulliel and Léa Seydoux.

The year 2014 brings with it a bumper crop of Yves Saint Laurent biopics — well, two, which is a lot for such a niche topic. Yves Saint Laurent, the house-approved version cast with Comédie-Française actors, came out last month. (We liked it.) Now, Saint Laurent, the unauthorized version starring Gaspard Ulliel and Léa Seydoux, has a (French-language, un-subtitled) trailer. There's no release date yet, but you can look forward to some cameos from model Aymeline Valade as YSL muse Betty Catroux and Fashion Week regular Amira Casar as the designer's assistant Anne-Marie Munoz. Not to mention a brief re-creation of the designer's nude shoot for his Pour Homme perfume. (You're welcome, Ulliel fans.)

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It Doesn’t Matter If Your Band Is Bad: A Feminist Argument

According to a new coming-of-age film.

The Swedes are full of gender wisdom. They know that men take up too much space on public transportation and that the best way to get men to do their share of child care is to pay them. They have a legitimate Feminist political party! But what do they have to offer miserable middle-school girls? A Swedish coming-of-age movie that hits the U.S. this month says that the best way to stop hating yourself (and annoy self-important, older dudes in the process) is to start an all-girls punk band — especially if you can’t play your instruments. Slate film critic Dana Stevens praises the movie for sparing viewers a trite, self-esteem-boosting practice montage followed by a talent-show-winning performance. Instead, director Lukas Moodysson — “working from a script co-written with his wife Coco, based on her graphic novel,” swoon — shows “how little it matters if the band ever improves.” “It’s the mere existence of the band — the sense it gives the girls of their collaboration as a special, secret source of power and belonging — that equips its members with the unflappable conviction expressed in the title,” she writes. The movie is called We Are the Best!

50 Shades Director Shot Coco Chanel’s Apartment

Sam Taylor-Johnson has a side project with Chanel.

From the set of 50 Shades of Gray to the halls of 31 rue Cambon. That's been Sam Taylor-Johnson's trajectory. The director is taking a brief break from moviemaking to work on a photographic project with Chanel. She was allowed access to Coco Chanel's private apartment on the second floor of the Chanel atelier. The suite is not open to the public and has been completely preserved — complete with the designer's volumes of Shakespeare and Voltaire and camellia-embellished chandeliers. Taylor-Johnson told the Telegraph, "Shooting at Coco Chanel's apartment was an unexpectedly absorbing experience. The essence of Chanel is firmly rooted there in all of her possessions, and I truly believe that her spirit and soul still inhabit the second floor." The photo series, titled "Second Floor," will be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London this September, and will also be published in coffee-table-book form.

Prince George’s First Year, According to 31 Tabloid Captions

"Happy to be here, George?"

The Daily Mail, caption-contest newspaper of record, has been carefully and diligently following the 365 days of life that have occupied baby Prince George of Cambridge. During this year, the publication produced some of the most glorious descriptions of expression, action, drama, and comedy — all regarding the times of this wee fancy child.

Here are their best efforts: 

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Will Selling Nostalgia Work for Calvin Klein?

The brand taps into its own past. 

When Lottie Moss, little sister of Kate, debuted as the face of Calvin Klein Jeans’ collaboration with My Theresa last week, much internet hay was made of the fact that the ads strongly recalled her sister's '90s campaigns for the brand. The stark black-and-white shots and the choice of photographer — Michael Avedon, grandson of Richard, who lensed the original campaign — only fueled the comparison. 

Even the clothes were from the '90s. »

The Best of Christophe Lemaire at Hermès

Tallying up the designer's greatest hits.

Just when we finished mourning Olivier Theyskens's departure from Theory, the news came that Christophe Lemaire's tenure at Hermès will be coming to an end this fall. Lemaire's polished take on sportswear earned him raves: Much of his best work involved reinventing classic pieces like the relaxed white suit or leather skirt. He also had some fun with the house's signature scarf prints. Relive some of our favorites here.

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21 Pieces of Chic, Delicate Summer Jewelry

Perfect for stacking.

Summer brings with it airy dresses, breezy tops, and light jewelry — necklaces and chains so delicate they don't weigh you down in 90-degree heat. This season, there are a host of new barely there rings, earrings, and necklaces perfect for throwing on alone (to achieve a minimal look) or all together for a stacked effect. From a long Maria Black chain to a thin gold-and-turquoise ring by Jennifer Meyer, click through our slideshow for 21 unique pieces at every price point that are so light and comfortable you'll never want to take them off. 

Roland Mouret Sewed a Gown Onto Karolina Kurkova

To promote his new Banana Republic line.

Touted as "the master of the dress," Roland Mouret is taking his talents to Banana Republic for a capsule line of 30 "magic fit" frocks, launching next month. In case you doubted his mastery, watch this exclusive video of the designer, scissors at the ready, cutting and sewing dresses onto the statuesque Karolina Kurkova. In terms of fit models, one could do worse.

Orange Is the New Black Started a Jumpsuit Craze

Huh, orange really is the new black.

Despite the show's refreshing lack of real fashion, Orange Is the New Black has still managed to spark a style trend. A Michigan county prison has decided to retire the signature orange jumpsuit because it’s become too popular among civilians thanks to the Netflix series, according to MLive, a
local Michigan news outlet.

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The Japanese ‘Lolita’ Subculture Takes New York

The reopening of cult store Tokyo Rebel attracted a well-accessorized crowd.

A line of women in bell skirts, petticoats, bonnets, and bows wound down Allen Street between Rivington and Stanton on Saturday morning. Many of them (and a few men) had been waiting in line for just under three hours for the official reopening of Tokyo Rebel, a Manhattan-based shop that specializes in cult Japanese streetwear brands.

"Women use Lolita subversively. Even though they dress cute, they are still empowered.” »

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