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Helen Mirren and Glenn Close Show Older Women Are Still Sexy

The two actresses skewered Hollywood's double standards at Monday night's Gotham Awards.

Indie films are often the domain of the beautiful ingenue, but Monday night at the 25th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards, the conversation was dominated by a pair of film's grande dames. Noted actors (and stone-cold foxes) Helen Mirren and Glenn Close dazzled the crowd with cheeky stories and sharp comments on Hollywood's gender issues when it comes to age. In his presentation of Mirren's career tribute award, Robert De Niro remarked on the 70-year-old's appeal, noting that her performance in The Queen made him want to "fuck the queen," and not in an anti-monarchical fashion. 

"And I'm thinking that maybe that's a way women can keep getting better roles in Hollywood. We can just play men!" »

James Deen Proves We Need Real Male Feminists

Not just men who pay lip service to our concerns.

“Half of tumblr is apparently gif’s of me and stoya getting it on,” the porn star James Deen wrote in a 2012 blog post. That was right around the time Deen was starting to become known beyond the world of adult entertainment as a porn star that you’d love to hang out with (which, by implication, damned other male performers as ones you wouldn’t  want to hang out with). Whether his rising star was due to his sense of humor, his boy-next-door looks, his savvy use of social media, or his outspoken support of sexual consent and communication was the matter of some debate. But dozens of magazine profiles agreed: His fan base was women. Feminists pointed to him as a role model. His younger fans, known as “Deenagers,” followed him on Twitter and shared the aforementioned GIFs — despite his website requiring visitors to be 18 or over.

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Like a Fool, I Downloaded the James Franco App

But please do not pity me.

In the Great Ongoing Art Project that is James Franco's life, we have seen the chisel-faced actor take on several different forms of being: poet, writer, director, model, comedian, performance artist, social-media darling, and now — just when we needed it most — app developer. Released today to the Apple Store is Rando Franco, an app where, well, the artiste is present.

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All About Chanel’s Chic, Cinema-Inspired Roman Romp

Lights, camera, Karl!

Perhaps in tribute to the bygone screen heroines who filmed at Cinecittà — the Roman studio that played host to the Chanel Métiers d'Art show today — Karl Lagerfeld opened his collection with stately black-and-white looks and a movie-set backdrop of a bygone Paris. Lara Stone's lace-inset bombshell gown recalled Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita, while more demure looks channeled Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday — both movies were filmed in part at the studio. Just call it Lagerfeld's Roma.

While Lagerfeld loves a theme, he didn't opt for overt motifs this time around. »

A New Exhibit Brings Jeans Into the Museum

Yes, even bootcut Sevens.

Long before Calvin Klein Jeans ads featured models saying they'd rather spend money on a new pair of "Calvins" than rent, denim was a humble workwear fabric — the stuff of railroad workers and even prison inmates. But in the 1930s, that started to change. So-called "play clothes" — think the Depression-era version of athleisure, but in chambray instead of skintight Spandex — became their own fashion category, and Westernwear was a parallel trend. Soon, denim would be seen on the runways of designers like Elsa Schiaparelli and Claire McCardell, and it wasn't long, relatively speaking, before Brooke Shields was cooing that nothing came between her and her Calvins and Tom Ford was showing $3,800 feather- and bead-embellished blues at Gucci. "Denim: Fashion's Frontier," a new exhibit at the Museum at FIT, explores the narrative arc of denim, from workingman's staple to its current omnipresent state.

Jeans were taken up by the counterculture: bikers, hippies, grunge rockers, rappers. »

Insurance Companies Can’t Afford Not to Cover Transgender Patients

Denying care makes no economic sense.

Though the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services started paying for transitional care for transgender men and women last year, many private insurers still deny coverage. That just doesn't make economic sense, according to a new analysis by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

They found that covering services medically necessary for treating gender dysphoria — which can include hormone-replacement therapy, mastectomy, psychotherapy, and gender-reassignment surgery — could be less expensive in the long run than treating conditions that are more prevalent among people who cannot transition, like depression, drug abuse, and HIV.

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Sleepy Baby Donkey Understands Your Afternoon Nap Struggle

Somebody needs a coffee run.

This baby donkey is getting sleepy, verrrrry sleepy. Her eyes are starting to flutter shut, her limbs feel relaxed and heavy, as if she's submerged in a warm bath. If she just shut down for five minutes she would probably be more alert, more productive. Better at blogging, even. Yes, just a short five-minute nap. Soooo ... tired ... zzzzzzzzzzz

Tinder Is the New Dog Park for Single Guys

Studies confirm that dogs are right-swipe bait.

As anyone who's walked a dog knows, they're great icebreakers. The Atlantic recently looked at the research on interactions between dog owners and strangers and it confirms that a four-legged friend is the ideal wingman, turning otherwise cold humans warm. Studies show that not only do strangers smile more at people with dogs, they're also more likely to start a conversation, help them pick up something they dropped, and even give out their phone number. (In a 2008 study, a male researcher's rate of success in getting women's numbers jumped from 9 percent to 28 percent when he had a pup with him.)

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5 Dupes for Kylie Jenner’s Sold-Out Lip Kits

Better than paying $10,000 on eBay.

How did you spend your Cyber Monday? If you were Kylie Jenner, you probably spent it staring at your computer with the effervescent glee of a 6-year-old on Christmas Day.

The site selling her debut lipstick collection, Lip Kit, was flooded with eager customers as soon as the URL went live. So many people wanted to get their hands on Kylie's Lip Kit, in fact, that reports of the site crashing started to roll in within a minute of its launch. Now, all three of the lip shades are sold out, and one enterprising person is even trying to get rid of a set on eBay for a starting bid of $10,000.

Luckily, Kylie isn't the only person on the market selling matte nude shades. Click the slideshow below for five lipstick alternatives that are dead ringers for Lip Kit's Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K.

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Zendaya Is 19 Going on 80

An old soul.

Here's a fun exercise: Think briefly about where you were and what you were thinking about when you were 19 years old. Were you sleeping through college classes? Breaking up with — then drunkenly getting back together with — your shitty ex-girlfriend? Were you telling your parents you wanted to spend a year working with the circus in rural Georgia? Zendaya Coleman, she of childhood Disney fame, is already way ahead of you.

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Why Fashion People Are Filming Themselves Walking

#ClimateCatwalk is taking over Instagram.

The two-week-long U.N. Climate Change Conference happening in Paris right now was supposed to kick off with a rally on Sunday, but it ended up being canceled out of caution after November's deadly attacks. Among those who'd been planning to attend were Amber and Giovanni Testino, the couple behind the agency Art Partner, who decided to try taking matters into their own hands: "We thought, why don’t we reach out to people in our industry and call them to be part of an online march? If people don’t wake up and say something about this or do something about this, we’re going to miss the chance and it’s going to be too late,” Amber told WWD

They put out a call for videos of people walking left to right, looking to create a "climate catwalk" of people moving in the direction of a more sustainable future. It caught on: Hundreds have submitted, including plenty of big names. It's particularly popular with those used to being on the runway: models. Natalia Vodianova posted one with her son yesterday, and Anja Rubik even walked barefoot in the snow.

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29 Offbeat Gifts for Your Favorite Oddballs

From Alexander Hamilton's hair to a wearable cat-holder.

For the lovable weirdos on your list, we've gathered 29 nontraditional gifts that range from quirky (a bubblegum paperweight) to kinky (crystal dildo). There are budget-friendly ideas (stolen hotel ashtrays, toothpasteless toothbrushes, individually wrapped dustless chalk) and splurges (ten strands of Alexander Hamilton's hair, made-to-order wings from the man who outfits Victoria's Secret models, a $999 avant-Barbie outfitted in Hood by Air). Click through the slideshow ahead to see them all. 

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This Christmas Sweater Just Might Break the Holidays

Renzo Rosso reinvigorated two tired memes at once.

When fashion mogul Renzo Rosso (who owns Diesel and Margiela, among others) stopped by the offices of Paper magazine's chief, Kim Hastreiter, today, he couldn't resist a fashion in-joke. Rosso, normally outfitted in his collection of natty blazers, opted for that holiday standby, the novelty Christmas sweater. 

Only this one had a twist. »
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See All of Cara Delevingne’s Best Looks

From animal onesies to sleek suits.

Cara Delevingne went from being an unknown Brit to social media’s favorite supermodel seemingly overnight, developing into an international source of eyebrow envy in the process. Now, the former face of Burberry, who made her onscreen lead debut in Paper Towns, will appear in the highly anticipated Absolutely Fabulous movie alongside Kate Moss.

Flip through Delevingne’s fashion hits in our slideshow to see all of her signature looks, from DGAF T-shirt-and-backward-hat pairings to animal onesies to the sleekest of suits.

Lame Evolutionary-Psychology Arguments Hurt Men, Too

Tucker Max's ugly marriage with evolutionary psychology.

Tucker Max — famous for writing about his drunken exploits, which often include seducing as many women as possible in as sleazy a manner as possible — has a new book out, called Mate: Become the Man Women Want. Unlike his previous work, this one has a patina of scientific legitimacy to it: Max co-authored it with Dr. Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico. 

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Salon’s ‘Quiet Chair’ Relieves You of Unthinkable Burden of Speaking to Fellow Human

No more struggling to come up with things to say to the stranger touching you.

On the long list of Things to Fear When Going to the Hair Salon, "having to make small talk with your stylist" falls somewhere between "leaving looking like 2009-era Britney Spears" and "confronting the vast emptiness of your soul after staring at your own reflection for an hour." Now a new salon in the U.K. has created a "quiet chair" for the socially anxious among us.

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Here Are Your Holiday-Party Playlists

The best songs for a dance party, a ladies' night, and a liquid brunch. 

A weeklong series on the art of entertaining, for women who are too busy for Pinterest.

When you’re entertaining, the last thing you want to worry about is DJing on your laptop. Sipping as much mulled wine as you can handle while simultaneously Instagramming and devouring your cheese plate is a much better use of your time. So to help you out, we've made three playlists to queue up until that friend who "just wants to play one song" commandeers the aux cord.

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