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Don’t Forget to Shop Small Businesses This Saturday

Because Black Friday can be too crazy.

If you're not the type to get up at the crack of dawn to fight through the crowd of shoppers on Black Friday but still need to make sure everyone on your list gets a thoughtful gift, then Small Business Saturday is for you. The feel-good answer to corporate craziness, it was launched by American Express five years ago in support of neighborhood mom-and-pops and small businesses. Not only is it nice to support the local economy, but the little guys often offer extra incentives to shoppers, such as food and drinks. While you can easily hit up your local boutiques, AMEX is heading up its own leg of Small Business Saturday, with flagship events being held in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York tomorrow. Read on for a rundown of boutiques and in-store promotions in each city — but remember to save up for Cyber Monday.

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A Room Diffuser That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Hawaii

Perfect for a winter pick-me-up.

I guess I must have the same scent profile of Pamela Anderson's ex-husband, because Tommy Lee and I both can't get enough of Kai, the Hawaiian-inspired scent that smells like a mix of glorious white flowers. He purportedly uses the scent (in candle form) to unwind in the dressing room after head-banging and I ... use it to unwind after a tough day of testing out lipsticks and banging on my keyboard. It's pretty much the same thing.

I can't speak for Tommy, but I'm delighted that Kai has decided to introduce a diffuser into its scent range. It comes in an elegant, simple clear bottle, with Japanese diffusion reeds constructed to release just the right amount of fragrance. It envelops the room in a nice, cozy scent that isn't too overpowering but is stimulating enough to remind you of Hawaii and rock-star dreams, even when it's 20 degrees outside. 

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Your Complete, Alphabetical Guide to Cyber Monday Shopping

The only Monday we ever look forward to.

If you're suffering from an intense food coma and missed out on the Black Friday deals, rest assured that the upcoming Cyber Monday discounts will satisfy all of your holiday-shopping needs. In the interest of deals — and helping you not wait in line — the Cut compiled a guide to some of the best Cyber Monday deals from your favorite fashion, beauty, and food sites, some of which are as much as 60 percent off. All you have to do is get to your computer and shop away.

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Real Wedding Album: A Historic Celebration on Ellis Island

“It was the perfect place to celebrate the joining of our two backgrounds, and an added bonus was that my great-grandmother had come through there.”

“Our heritages are really important to both of us,” says Julia Harris, 32, who married Behdad Eghbali, 38, last spring. “I’m from a southern family full of traditions, and Behdad is a first-generation American whose family is from Iran.” Which is why the couple, who met while they were both working on Wall Street, chose to wed on Ellis Island. “It was the perfect place to celebrate the joining of our two backgrounds, and an added bonus was that my great-grandmother had come through there,” explains Julia. Her twin brother and Behdad’s sister officiated the springtime ceremony, which combined traditional American and Persian wedding elements. (Julia and Behdad, both still in finance, sat atop a table set with candies and honey, Iranian symbols of a sweet marriage.) A D.J. spun Persian tunes, while the father-daughter dance was a cotillion waltz that Julia had perfected as a teenager. The multicultural nods extended to the wedding program, which had the years and points of entry of guests’ ancestors. “Everyone told us about their backgrounds in the RSVP cards,” says Julia. “We ended up with a list of people who came to America as early as the 1600s and as recently as 1993.”

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Don’t Break Up by Text If You Want to Stay Friends

You'll unfortunately need to break that heart in person. 

Getting dumped is the worst, but initiating the breakup can be difficult, too. It's tempting to keep your distance and send whatever variation of It's not you, it's me you're going with via email or text, and some recent research shows that this method is pretty common among younger adults. According to a report from the Pew Research Center published last year, 22 percent of young adults, ages 18 to 29, say they have broken up with someone in an email, text message, or some other form of online message. (Compare that to 16 percent of people aged 30 to 49 and 7 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds who say they've ended a relationship this way.)

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Your Complete Guide to Black Friday Shopping

Discounts galore.

Black Friday can be a glorious day or a source of anxiety, depending on your mindset. For the proactive shopper hoping to find the best deals, we've rounded up the best Black Friday sales in the city along with early-bird specials and super-saver prices on shoes, accessories, and makeup (not to mention gift poppers at Anthropologie and up to 70 percent off at H&M). Happy hunting!

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Taylor Swift’s Style Philosphy Is a Lot Like Yours Was in Middle School

Fashion secrets of the sheeple.

In an interview with hip shopping site Asos, Taylor Swift shares her secret to getting dressed in the morning. One might think she considers the paparazzi, the advice of her stylist, or — I don’t know — her own inner compass when she pulls together one of her cute ensembles. But, as she reveals, the only critics who matter are her friends:

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Real Wedding Album: A Cinema-Inspired Fantasy Fête

“We wanted everything to feel magical and otherworldly, as if Marie Antoinette were hosting the party.”

Krista Dresbach, a hat designer, and Andy Chen, a project manager for a pharmaceutical company, threw an over-the-top affair inspired by their favorite movies, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Labyrinth, when they wed last summer. “We wanted everything to feel magical and otherworldly, as if Marie Antoinette were hosting the party,” says Krista, 34. The Green Building in Gowanus served as a blank canvas for the couple, who decorated the raw space with candelabras and draped cream-colored fabric over the chandeliers. The Wonderland theme extended to the wedding party, who wore whimsical pocket squares and masks handcrafted by the bride. “My sister, Jen, wears Banana Republic almost exclusively, so she was hesitant about putting on a corset,” says Andy, 37. “But when she tried everything on—the patterned tights, the tutu Krista sewed herself—she was pretty excited.”

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10 Ways to Get Your Wardrobe Winter-Ready

Waterproof your boots, de-pill your sweaters, and more.

When it comes to protecting a fancy bag, women can go to crazy lengths to keep their purses looking like new. But when it comes to your clothes, you don't necessarily need to break out the Armor All spray to make them last.

This winter may be the time to invest in a fancy coat — but when it comes to winter basics, why splurge on a whole new wardrobe when you can put a little effort into bringing them back to life and making old faithfuls look like new? When it comes to refreshing your coats, sweaters, and boots, shelling out for expert care is not mandatory. From an easy, liquor-cabinet-inspired hack that gets the odors out of your sweaters (without paying for the dry cleaners), to removing sweater pills, to waterproofing your shoes, there are tons of smart tips that you can do easily at home. (Disclaimer: You will need to buy a few things, like waterproofing spray and a special comb for your knits, but it beats buying a new wardrobe.)

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Report: John Galliano to Present at the BFAs

To give Anna Wintour an Outstanding Achievement Award.

Sounds like John Galliano will be doffing his Margiela lab coat in favor of a tux, or whatever passes for formalwear in Galliano-land, for the night of December 1. Women's Wear Daily says that he's rumored to be at the British Fashion Awards, presenting Anna Wintour with her Outstanding Achievement Award. After all, considering Wintour is a longtime Galliano supporter — she helped resuscitate his struggling namesake line in the '90s, and is said have brokered his gig with Oscar de la Renta — handing her a little gold statue is really the least he can do.

Street Style: New York Dresses for Mixed Temperatures

Blanket coats, orange leather gloves, biker jackets, and more chic winter layers.

New York is in the thick of layering season, meaning it’s no longer advisable to leave home without your turtleneck, scarf, and beanie, and yet tomorrow might have a high of 60. While for some, the arrival of cold weather is an all-too-welcome excuse to stay in and hibernate, for the heartier — and fashion-obsessed — it’s a chance to break out their coziest, chicest garments, from bathrobe coats to calf-length cardigans. We sent photographer Alexandra Gavillet out on the street to shoot New Yorkers’ cold-weather style, which included a tapestrylike, floral velvet overcoat, a bright-red, vintage L.L. Bean windbreaker, and everything in between. Off-duty models paired track pants and Adidas sneakers with classic peacoats, while others opted for leather biker jackets with Ray Bans and blanket scarves. The more playful sported orange leather gloves, bright-green mohair, and a Féline beanie. Click through the slideshow for all these looks and more.

Yes, I Speed-Dated With a Paper Bag on My Head

Here are the people I met and the awful things I learned.

Can you get a date with just your personality? Could you go on a date and not judge someone by their looks?

No, of course not; these are ridiculous questions. Still, they were the questions posed by Loveflutter, a new dating site, in staging a speed-dating event at which participants wore paper bags over their faces. (Most participants were members of the news media.) I arrive prepared to gamely participate, and eager to prove the excellence of my personality.

After check-in, where we’re given our bags, speed-dating forms, and numbers, we’re ushered into gender-segregated rooms to decorate bags with a fun and whimsical design and a 140-character “quirky fact” about ourselves. I start decorating with a tableful of other ladies. I've chosen to draw a slice of pepperoni pizza around my bag. At the top, I write, “Ask me about: my favorite emoji, my love of 'Pony' by Ginuwine, and my celebrity doppelgänger. Also hi!” I think I’m adorable, but some of my fellow baggies are getting serious — showing off Martha Stewart–level skills with pipe cleaners, but also broadcasting impressive facts — like Allison, who has been to 150 of New York’s museums. Another woman makes her bag interactive. I text a photo of mine to a co-worker for a little confidence boost and receive the following reply:

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25 Hot Men in Turtlenecks to Warm Your Heart


From fisherman knits to reindeer-print cardigans, sweater weather has long been primetime for man-ogling — and this season’s surfeit of turtlenecks promises an abundance of particularly delightful eye candy. After all, there’s nothing like a knit neck-warmer to accentuate a jawline or emphasize a man’s sensitive side. A man in a turtleneck looks simultaneously regal and goofy — comfy, warm, happy, and sensible; like he could hold his own when faced with a cool breeze. Click through the slideshow for a look at the coziest men in the history of sweaters, including Paul Newman, Elvis, Tom Cruise, Kanye West, and many more.

Charlie Hunnam’s Naked Torso Gets a Vogue Spread

The star of the show!

The guy who almost starred in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie landed a sexy yet confusing spread in the December issue of Vogue. But really, what's going on here? He's pictured astride a vintage motorcycle (he's on a show about motorcycles, so okay) and locked in a tender threesome with a Brazilian model and beautiful mixed-breed puppy. Some questions based on the visual cues: Have they all time traveled to the '70s? Is he a rebel lover? Is the dog jealous of the human? Is the model jealous of the dog? What is Charlie thinking about — the dog, the model, or the bike? Nothing makes sense, but hey, he's shirtless, so congratulations to the torso attached to Charlie Hunnam!

Angelina Jolie Got in on the Capelet Trend

Channeling Solange's nuptials.

After the greatness that was Solange's wedding, it's hard to make an all-white cape look fresh. But if anyone can manage to pull it off, it's fellow newlywed Angelina Jolie, who sported a demure calf-length take on the trend. For the London premiere of her film Unbroken, the actress wore a Ralph & Russo couture capelet dress paired with nude pumps and vintage earrings from Beladora.

The Most Extreme Movie Mall Moments on Film

May your Black Friday be nothing like this.

In anticipation of Black Friday — the most hyped, crowded, and perilous shopping day of the year — we give you the Cut’s supercut of the most extreme, rage-fueled, exhaustion-filled mall moments in movie history.

Whether you watch this as a bargain-hunting pump-up or heed it as a cautionary tale to stay far away, may your post-Thanksgiving errands be free of escalator pile-ups, tug-of-wars with strangers, spontaneous fires, catty salespeople, and declined credit cards.

Tinder Is the New Lonely Planet

Swipe right for free tour guides. 

A few months ago, I was alone in a hotel room in Arizona and I was bored. I could have just gone to sleep, but instead I started browsing Tinder. At first, it was a social-aesthetic game. How do men in the Southwest present themselves compared to their New York counterparts? Why so many dogs with bandanas? Could I count how many guys posted photos of themselves rock climbing? (Answer: I stopped counting around five.) Where were all the Tinder Tropes I usually find within a six-mile radius of Brooklyn: bearded bros wearing Barbour coats, the hot-in-a–Patrick Bateman–way finance guys, the 25-year-old art handlers?

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