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The iPhone 6 and Denim: Sworn Inanimate Enemies

Pockets, dye — when will it end?

First, the new Apple product was too big for traditional pants pockets. Should we redo all the pants? everyone wondered. Now the inanimate antagonism has reached new territory: Owners are reporting that iPhone 6s are turning blue from the denim dye. The plastic strips on the backs of phones are picking up a subtle, faded hue. 

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Kat Dennings Had a Wednesday Addams Phase

Didn't we all?

Just in time for Satan’s birthday (Halloween, for all those who walk in the light) actress Kat Dennings went on Conan and opened up about her goth stage. How goth-y was she? She was obsessed with The Addams Family, believed she was Wednesday Addams, and slept each night like she was taking her eternal slumber in a satin-lined coffin. She claims to have outgrown it — but her love of all things dark and macabre makes her a perfect candidate for Health Goth.

The Gay Hip-Hop Club Night Jay Z Probably Doesn’t Know He Inspired

Hard Cock Life has become a platform for queer rappers and performers in the U.K.

Next time Jay Z visits London, he should swing by Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel for the club night that he unwittingly inspired: a gay hip-hop party called Hard Cock Life.

“When we were coming up with names for the night, I was originally going for something much more oblique and smart — a subtle nod to classic hip-hop,” says Josh Cole, who started Hard Cock Life two years ago. “I wanted to call it Liquid Swords, which is an album by GZA from Wu Tang. It’s a phallic title, although I’m sure that’s not what GZA intended.”


Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Got a Big Promotion

Will they be president and vice president? They should be.

For their excellence in second-string commenting and sartorial superiority during the Sochi games, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski have been made NBC's primary figure-skating commentators for the next Winter Olympics.

While it is mildly disappointing that their new titles aren’t president and vice president of the United States, congratulations all the same.

A Hollywood Stylist’s Advice for Regular People

Kate Young decrypts formal dressing in her new book.

Speaking from experience, even people who work in fashion get flustered by eveningwear. Vague dress codes, heel-height dilemmas, and a fear of all things taffeta are pretty universal. The stylist Kate Young, who works with a host of actresses including Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, and Rachel Weisz, seeks to address this problem in her new book, titled Dressing for the Dark.

With chapters devoted to formal dressing of every stripe (along with an impressive host of Hollywood film stills illustrating each example), it's a primer on red-carpet dressing without the red carpet. Young, who designed an evening-centric Target line last year, talked to the Cut about bingeing on old movies, why she almost never dresses her clients in black, and the ever-looming threat of "sports-bra ass."

"It’s important that you not have this weird butt that you can bounce a quarter off of." »

RISD Street Style: Wigs and Monochrome Outfits

Plus kimono coats and green scrunchies.

Throughout this week, the Cut explores college life, from politics and identity to parties, sex, and style.

With so many college campuses awash with classic denim, vintage sweaters, and other normcore staples, there’s something refreshing about Rhode Island School of Design students’ sartorial risks. The Cut sent RISD senior Kyle Laidig to document his classmates’ style, which included kimono-style coats and lusciously textured knits, as well as bold accessories like green scrunchies, a bright white wig, and a spiked collar. Some students pulled together outfits with neon running shoes and clashing layers, while others opted for subdued neutrals and sensible Danskos.

Click through the slideshow for a look at the best of New England art-school style. 

Nike Gets That Women Are Super Into Fitness Now

So it designed us more gear than ever for 2015.

Fresh off the heels of Alexander Wang’s overtly athletic collection for H&M, Nike seems to have also gotten the hint that women are pretty into working out these days. Nike Training Club, a female-centric fitness app, has been downloaded over 16 million times. The brand is capitalizing on our interest in fitness — and the cool, comfortable clothes that go along with it — by designing more workout gear than ever for spring 2015, which it unveiled in New York yesterday.  

Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, and 27 of the world's leading female athletes modeled the collection. »
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The History of Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham’s Internet-Born Best Friendship

Taylor Swift gave Lena Dunham a moth as a housewarming gift.

The internet, for all its faults, can really bring people together. And sometimes those people are Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham! Swift and Dunham met on Twitter, but out of a direct message has blossomed a fully realized, supportive, loving friendship. They are each other's rocks and sources of baked goods as well as career, relationship, and fashion advice. Here are two artists who found success, responsibility, and a clear voice at an incredibly young age, and they seem to be aware of how lucky they are to have found each other. So, Taylor and Lena: This is your friendship's life!

Taylor Swift gave Lena Dunham a moth, as a housewarming gift. »
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What I Learned About Privilege by Joining a Frat

There was more to the experience than male bonding and warm Natty Light.

“How many people in this freakin’ fraternity do you think are taking Black Feminism this semester?” If my mom’s question hadn’t been rhetorical I would have given her the answer: one if I decided to join the fraternity, none if I didn’t.

It was my freshman year at Brown and I couldn’t believe I was considering joining a frat. My choice was pragmatic: A fraternity would be the easiest way to live with a big group of friends and avoid the housing lottery. But my baseline understanding of contemporary frat life was that it made Animal House look like "Fresh Air With Terry Gross," and I bristled at the idea — it went against everything I wanted from college.

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Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn Have Mother-Daughter Pink Streaks

For a good cause.

Dynamic mother-daughter duo Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn have a new hairdo. Sections of their golden layers are now a soft, baby pink — but only for a little while. Colorist Daniel Moon gave them the new look, which was timed to highlight October's annual breast-cancer awareness campaign. On Instagram, Kate shared a photo of the hair-changing process, along with a caption that explains the impetus behind the new hue:

In honor of my bestie Juliana, my assistant Kathy, my grandmother Laura, Mimo and all the people who are fighting and have fought breast cancer. Your courage shines and inspires. We decided to show our support by wearing pink proud!

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Apparently, People Don’t Want to ‘Dress Normal’

Gap's fall collection has not been a smash hit with shoppers.

Dress like no one's watching? More like, sell like no one's shopping. According to BuzzFeed, Gap's intriguing Dress Normal fall campaign — the one released back in August that starred Anjelica Huston, Zosia Mamet, and Elisabeth Moss, among others — has not translated into a sold-out collection for the retailer. While Gap is known for its sales, it seems to have gone overboard in recent weeks, following a 75 percent off sale with a "sale-on-sale" a day later. Plus, per the brand's own reports, its same-store sales were down 6 percent in August and 3 percent in September. Some Wall Street analysts are attributing the slowdown to the focus on "normal." Said Ike Boruchow of the firm Sterne Agee, “It’s no secret that Gap’s bread and butter is basics, but we believe designer Rebekka Bay’s team has so far been unable to inject the assortment with the type of excitement that incites customers to buy. Most items convey the sense that one might already own them: plaid, florals, and denim washes that indeed seem too normal.” Alternate theory: Maybe people are just huge sticklers for grammar.

Julia Roberts Ran Errands in Clogs

Cool mom.

Yesterday in Malibu, Julia Roberts embraced her inner art teacher and performed her Wednesday errands while wearing a sensible pair of auburn Danskos. She paired the mom-ish slip-ons with a utilitarian denim jumper — a perfectly practical outfit for pottery, planting, or dropping off paper-lantern props for your kids’ school play, which is apparently what she was up to. Kate Middleton, take note: This is what activity-appropriate footwear looks like.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

An eye-shadow method called "the banana."

A wise person once said, "There's always money in the banana stand," and this adage is also applicable to beauty. When I asked Chanel celebrity makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi to teach me how to make my eyes look bigger and brighter, she told me about an eye-shadow-application method she called the "banana." Forget everything you've heard about white eyeliner; the "banana" is the money way to make your eyes look more luminous and brighter, achieved by avoiding the harsh lines of black eyeliner and manipulating shadows and light. Farolfi shows us in the GIFs below why you should be going bananas.

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U Miami Street Style: Hemp Bracelets and Jellies

Plus some HBA and Zéline.

Throughout this week, the Cut explores college life, from politics and identity to parties, sex, and style.

Today, the Cut picks up its tour of college style at the University of Miami — home to some of the trendier undergrads we’ve seen so far. We sent U Miami senior Karli Evans to shoot her best-dressed classmates on their palm-tree-lined campus, where sartorial preferences range from Hood by Air T-shirt dresses and Zéline-inspired pieces to aviators and hemp bracelets. Unfettered by changing seasons, others kept it cool in maxi dresses, breezy pastel tunics, and a pair of clear jellies worn with neon-green socks. Click through the slideshow for a look at U Miami’s warm-weather style.

See 13-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Predict Her Future Stardom

"When I’m famous and old, you’ll remember me as this beautiful little girl.”

In honor of her 34th birthday, ET released some vintage footage of the future Mrs. Kardashian-West celebrating her eighth-grade graduation. Turns out that even as a bob-sporting 13-year-old, she’s still the same self-absorbed Kim we know and love (she even has Kris and Kourtney in tow). 

"I’m the dopest-on-the-ropest person in this class." »

14 Great Places to Hang Out When You Just Got Dumped

Better than Paris, better even than KFC.

After a brutal breakup, common advice is Take a trip! Pretend you’re Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and go to Paris! Or Tulum! When a friend of mine ended her epic relationship, she took an epic trip around the world — seriously, she even walked across Spain — and after her pilgrimage, she came back cured of all heartbreak.

But today a hero named Tan Shen flipped the script: She decided to head on down to the ol’ KFC to sit with her emotional baggage and indulge in fried chicken for an entire week. Who needs to “heal” with a reaffirming trip to some far-flung place when there are truly delightful places to spend many hours getting over heartbreak and wallowing in feels? And so, inspired by Tan Shen and her practical choice of a heartbreak hotel, here are 14 other locations to escape to when trying to get over a soul-crushing breakup:

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