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Beyoncé Got a Mom Haircut Again

The kind you wear with a crop top.

Poetess Beyoncé Knowles unveiled a new short haircut on Instagram over the weekend at the Made in America festival. The cut is ... different. It's neither a pixie, nor an asymmetrical bob — nor is it the long, hairography waves of "Yoncé." It's simple and almost vaguely soccer-mom-like. But in Beyoncé's hands, it's the kind of soccer-mom cut that you can wear with a body chain. Maybe it's just the thing you do when your worldwide tour and time spent performing in butt cages starts to wind down.

Columbia Student Will Carry a Mattress Everywhere Until Her Alleged Rapist Is Expelled

Emma Sulkowicz staged the piece of performance art as a protest against Columbia's handling of her sexual-assault case.

Emma Sulkowicz says she was raped in her own dorm bed by a classmate on the first day of her sophomore year of college. Since then, a substantial amount of her time at Columbia University has been spent trying to convince college administrators, police, and even friends that what happened to her really happened, that it was rape, and that her rapist deserves to be punished for what he did.

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Apple Denies iCloud Breach in Celeb Nude-Photo Hack

The company chalked the leak up to user error.

Apple released a statement today denying that the cache of nude celebrity photos released over the weekend were obtained as a result of a security breach in iCloud, its cloud data-storage service. Instead, the company says, an internal investigation found "that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions." Consider this your daily reminder to set up two-step verification

Shia LaBeouf Grocery Shops Like a Man I Want to Marry

Buys in bulk. Favors Capri Suns.

Shia LaBeouf took some time over the last weekend of summer to stock up for winter hibernation (or maybe to fill the pantry of his survivalist bunker — either way!). Based on his awesome haul, LaBeouf has a bright future in grocery shopping for a family, or just me. His instinct to bulk-shop reflects the love of a bargain, while the contents of his shopping pallet — Capri Suns, a Sun Chips Variety Pack, and two boxes of Frito Lay 54-Bag Classic Mix — reveal that he really  knows how to feed a lady.

Let's see if we can fit two straws in that Capri Sun pouch, Shia.

  • Yesterday at 2:50 PM

Alex Prager Did a Disembodied-Heads Fashion Shoot

For Garage magazine.

Alex Prager's work is more likely to show up in a gallery than a glossy, but Garage magazine managed to enlist the photographer for its seventh issue, out Thursday. Titled "Modern Living," the editorial features actress Julia Garner and has a bit of a Surrealist feel to it — complete with errant body parts. Said fashion editor Katie Lyall, “We've long wanted to work with Alex Prager; she has that very specific cinematic feel to her photographs that border on the surreal. Her background is not particularly based within fashion [though she does make fashion images], and this was an interesting juxtaposition for us to work with, an art photographer undertaking, essentially, a very fashion-based shoot." Click through the slideshow to see more from the portfolio.

173 Designers Reveal Their Spring 2015 Inspirations

Just in time for Fashion Week. 

Fashion Week is upon us! Every season, the Cut brings you "One Word, One Shot," in which we ask designers to share one image and one word that describes their upcoming collections. This time around, Thom Browne is inspired by "Thursday," Tibi is going extra discreet, Tory Burch is thinking about Pablo Picasso, and Hood By Air is feeling really "stoned." 

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  • Yesterday at 12:37 PM

Watch Cara and Kate Moss Get Cheekbone Cozy in a New Burberry Ad

A new video for My Burberry.

Today marks the release of My Burberry, Burberry's newest scent, which kicks off with a Mario Testino–directed video campaign starring Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. The two smize, spritz the air with the bergamot-and-sweet-pea fragrance, and take cover from the rain under a Burberry trench coat. Delevingne even remains mercifully awake for the whole thing, with Moss on hand to lovingly jerk adjust her trench-coat collar at the first sign of sleepiness. It seems like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, forged by two people who have had their likenesses replicated via cracker crumbs.

Bedazzled Bikinis and Heavy Plumage at the West Indian Day Parade

Plus, plenty of body glitter.

Yesterday marked the conclusion of the 47th annual West Indian Day Carnival — a two-mile-long Labor Day parade that runs along Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway through Crown Heights, drawing more than 1 million performers and spectators. This year’s festivities included the usual jubilant Caribbean music and dance celebrations, as well as a special performance of the de Blasio "Smackdown." 

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Michelle Harper Got Married in a Fluffy Gown

To girlfriend Jenny Shimizu.

Leave it to Michelle Harper — the woman who wore a transparent dress in the middle of a polar vortex — to make a statement on her wedding day. Harper married girlfriend Jenny Shimizu in a vintage cream-puff of a dress from Olivier Theyskens's tenure at Rochas. Shimizu opted for a tux of unknown origin. Congratulations to the happy (and street-style-friendly) couple!

How to Survive a Party Alone

Advice from Caitlin Moran's new novel, How to Build a Girl.

(Excerpted from Caitlin Moran's new YA novel, How to Build a Girl.)

A party is definitely a collaborative effort, I observe, looking at all the other people having conversations, and dancing together, and in the corner, kissing. Oh, kissing. I watch the kissing until it’s obvious I’m watching the kissing, and then I walk away, quickly. It’s bad to be seen watching kissing.

By now, my unkissed kiss feels like gunpowder on my lips — if anyone comes near me with even the vague heat of attraction, I will go up in a sheet of flame — mouth first. I feel a sexual fury for a moment. Oh, God — why won’t you let me fuck you! All of you! Everyone in this room. I have a feeling I’ll only ever properly make sense in bed, on my back. You would understand what I meant if we were there.

Anyway. Over the next ninety minutes, I try a variety of different tactics to make it look like I’m not lonely at this party. My findings on how to “party on your own” are as follows:

Number one, the buffet. »
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Caitlin Moran on Her Raunchy Teen Heroine

"A bit like Little House on the Prairie, but with really big penises and getting too drunk.”

Caitlin Moran, author of the 2010 memoir How to be a Woman, is back this fall with a  novel: How to Build a Girl. It’s a coming-of-age tale she describes as “a bit like Little House on the Prairie, but with really big penises and getting too drunk.”

Her heroine might not appear to have much in common with the Katniss Everdeens of the YA universe: Johanna is overweight, foulmouthed, and obsessed with sex. She’s not on a quest to save the world; she just wants to make a career as a music writer and escape small-town British poverty. But Moran still has grand, YA-epic-style plans for Johanna. “This is going to be a trilogy,” she told the Cut. “The next book is called How to Be Famous, and the last book is How to Save the World. In the last book, I intend to show girls how they can start the revolution.”

Moran spoke to the Cut about healthy hobbies like masturbation, and why she loves people who look like potatoes.

Meet your potato-faced heroine. »

A Sleeveless Turtleneck to Transition You Into Fall

Perfect for a humid September.

This Topshop sleeveless turtleneck is the perfect thing to transition you into fall — it isn't too summery looking, but is still light enough to wear while the weather remains horrendously hot. The big floral print and ivory color put a cool twist on a traditional shape, which makes it appropriate for the office or a night out. Pair the top with dark skinny jeans, or be a little daring with a mismatched patterned skirt. 

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There’s a Blind, Atheist Feminist Running for Congress

Meet James Woods. Not that James Woods.

James Woods had been working for an Arizona insurance company less than a month when he was infected with MRSA. So he was uninsured when the antibiotic-resistant staph infection — combined with his type-1 diabetes — caused him to go into kidney failure, and then blind, a month before his 27th birthday. The recovery was long and lonely. “Because I was an infection risk, I was alone for upwards of 20 hours a day,” he told the Cut. “I had a lot of time to think.”

But rather than come to Jesus, Woods promised himself that if he was able to get out, he would make a plan to give more to his community. He volunteered for the Democratic Party in his legislative district, and when it began looking for someone to put his name on the 5th District ballot against career Republican Rep. Matt Salmon, Woods, now 35, leapt at the opportunity.

Woods hoped he would speak for the politically marginalized groups he belongs to (lower-income Americans, the disabled, atheists) and serve as living proof of the importance of America’s social safety net (he relied on Medicaid, Social Security disability, and Nutrition Assistance while sick). “Society has invested so much in me, standing up and fighting for them is just one way I can try to pay everyone back their tax dollars that kept me alive,” he said. But along the way, he’s become a crush object for feminist blogs like Wonkette and Jezebel, thanks to “Prevent Abortion” condoms he sent to a local pro-life group.

The Cut talked to Woods about the very civilized stunt and more.

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Here’s Rick Owens Posing in Front of a 25-Foot-Tall Rick Owens Statue

Check that off your list of "things to see."

Rick Owens is celebrating his 20th year in business the way only Rick Owens can: namely, by posing in front of a large statue of himself. The imposing Douglas Jennings sculpture — which will sit opposite the iconic 1928 Queen of Time sculpture built into the store's façade — is part of the "World of Rick Owens" exhibit opening at Selfridges in London. As part of the project, Owens is designing window installations for the department store inspired by his favorite opera, Salomé, and curating a concept store on the ground floor (look for David Bowie records and copies of Jane County's autobiography). Selfridges will also host an Owens menswear shop-in-shop, women's and accessories sections, and a 20-piece limited-edition collection from Rick Owens and DRKSHDW. Best of all, the statue is holding a working torch that will burn 12 hours a day for a total of 552 hours. The man really doesn't do things by halves.

AnOther Magazine Did a Giant Kate Moss Issue

Celebrating her ten-year anniversary.

Knowing that the world’s hunger for information about Kate Moss can never be sated, AnOther magazine has helpfully produced a mega–Kate Moss issue for superfans.

It goes on sale on Thursday to mark the ten-year anniversary of her first shoot for the magazine and features Kate on four separate covers (shot by Craig McDean, Willy Vanderperre, Collier Schorr, and Alasdair McLellan) — the most she’s ever done for a single issue of a magazine.

Lots of essential information about Kate Moss here. »

North West Now Wears Doc Martens

The days of heeding Mom’s fashion advice are over.

This weekend, North West celebrated the end of summer by breaking free from her mother’s domineering style influence. While Kim saw the weekend out in breezy linen and white denim, North has already adopted an edgier black wardrobe for fall. Yesterday at LAX, she rebelled against the overbearing Mommy-and-me styling of late and let her true colors shine in a pair of black-and-white-striped pants, black Doc Martens, and a sparkly YSL cross-body bag.

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