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Tara Reid Created a ‘Lavender’ Shark Perfume

Introducing Shark by Tara.

Entrepreneur (per her website) Tara Reid has created a new perfume. And the first step for a businessperson with any savvy is to think about ways to leverage synergy within a brand. Hmmm, thought Reid, sales of celebrity fragrances are down, so my plans for Tara by Tara Reid are out. But then, she caught a glimpse of the promotional poster for Sharknado 2: The Second One out of the corner of her eye. And a new perfume, "Shark by Tara," was born. Her site describes the scent as incorporating a "plethora of 'lavender' colored flowers." This light, refreshing fragrance not inspired by an actual ingredient or a deadly fish tornado can be yours for the gentle price of $24.95.

Meet Reuben Reuel, the Young Designer Who’s Already Dressed Beyoncé

Reuben Reuel sells bold-printed garments on Etsy. 

Beyoncé recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram posing against a white wall in a belted top and contrasting pencil skirt; the next day, she wore a low-cut romper during a photo shoot in some sort of basil garden.

Both looks are the work of Reuben Reuel, 28, a Brooklyn-based designer who has spent the last four years building a brand called Demestiks New York. Primarily sold on Etsy, the womenswear line is based on Dutch wax prints and other classic African patterns.

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Rich Celebrity Battles Summer Boredom


Michelle Rodriguez is relishing her summer. Even though Leonardo DiCaprio held up our hearts with a water gun and the joy of a thousand fireflies, it seems that Michelle Rodriguez's dedicated efforts to maximize summertime delight have helped her in a breakaway. The committee has taken notice: Michelle Rodriguez might be partway through the best individual summer experience of 2014, perhaps even better than yours. 

Just look upon her adventures — gazing onto calm waters, kissing a noted heartthrob on a boat, finding love with tiny reptiles, and more. 

Lady Gaga, Penélope Cruz, Linda Evangelista Cover Bazaar’s September Issue

Carine Roitfeld assembled an impressive cast.

Yes, that's Lady Gaga — in the guise of a Chanel-clad Lady Who Lunches — gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar's September issue, along with her French bulldog Asia. Gaga is one of 19 famous women assembled by Carine Roitfeld for a massive portfolio photographed by Sebastian Faena. Penélope Cruz and Linda Evangelista also scored covers, and inside Monica Bellucci, Cindy Crawford, Lara Stone, Iman, Lauren Hutton, Brooke Shields, and Gigi Hadid are among those posing for Faena's lens. The portfolio will be published in all 30 international editions of the magazine.

Inside, Karl and Gaga talk pets. »

How to Know If You Can Really Trust Your Hairstylist

Not everyone will talk you out of bangs.

The relationship rules you have with your hairstylist aren’t that different from the ones you might have with your significant other: don’t lie, don’t cheat, break up with dignity. But, for the relationship to really work, you need to trust each other. Harry Josh may be the most trusted hairstylist in the business, with a long roster of clients-turned-friends. He first colored Gisele’s Bündchen’s hair in his sink, and was one of five people at her wedding. (“She just has naturally great hair,” he tells me.) Josh might be best-known to the rest of us as the host of the pre-party to the Met Ball, the Hair Ball, which celebrities attend out of zero press obligation. Josh understands better than most the special relationship a person can have with their hairdresser. Here, the John Frieda creative consultant tells us in his own words why people have hairstylist trust issues — and how you can avoid them.

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It Shouldn’t Take Having a Daughter for Men to Care About Feminism

One dad's open letter to Nicki Minaj shows the confusion of well-meaning feminist fathers.

No act of personal writing makes my skin crawl like when a father sits down to describe what having a daughter has taught him about the female experience. It’s nothing against dads. I love mine, and I also welcome feminist awakenings whenever and however they occur. But often the writer-dad’s newfound sensitivity is overshadowed by his prior obliviousness: He was apparently unable to empathize with women before one sprung from his loins. Did he take nothing from his other encounters with half of humanity? Not even from his mother?

The latest entry to the genre is an open letter from AllHipHop site owner Chuck Creekmur to Nicki Minaj on the topic of the glorious, bare-assed artwork for her latest single, “Anaconda.” Creekmur writes that he used to take Minaj’s hypersexualized image in stride. Now, though, things have changed: He has a daughter. “I wasn’t even shocked,” Creekmur wrote in the letter, published on MommyNoire. “I was just disappointed.”

Sound like dad? »

Kourtney Kardashian, Alec Baldwin, and More Partied in the Hamptons This Week

Plus Joshua Jackson, Rose McGowan, and more highlights from this week's parties.

As it goes with summer weekends in New York, there was a mass celebrity exodus to the Hamptons this week. Rachel Zoe and Kourtney Kardashian showed up in East Hampton for an elegant dinner to celebrate Baby Buggy (sponsored by Giorgio Armani), while Joshua Jackson kept it casual at Surf Lodge in Montauk for Daniel Arsham’s art studio show. Alec Baldwin spent the day with his family at the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Super Saturday benefit, and Kelly Rutherford joined Holly Peterson to celebrate Elle Decor’s newest issue. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Rose McGowan attended Maison Martin Margiela’s ready-to-wear spring 2014 party in L.A. Click through the slideshow for these and more highlights from this week’s parties.

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Hermès Unveils Its New Shoe Salon

Dance on over.

Get thee to Madison Avenue posthaste, because Hermès is unveiling a new shoe salon next Friday at the boutique's midtown flagship. Pierre Hardy, the company's creative director for men's and women's footwear, explains his vision above with an assist from some dancing models — including a cowgirl and a human lampshade — straight out of this spring's Cirque du Hermès.

Net-a-Porter’s CEO Got an Over-the-top Send Off

Complete with a gospel choir.

Most of us only strut through hallways full of people waving our picture and brandishing encouraging notes in our sad, sad dreams. But for departing Net-a-Porter CEO Mark Sebba, that was actually a reality as he arrived on his last day of work. Things escalated, as they do, with a gospel choir, Vegas-style showgirls, a mariachi band, and a custom adaptation of Aloe Blacc's single "The Man." Employees in Shanghai celebrated via video chat with a Chinese New Year–style dragon. The company has released a video of the insane festivities in their entirety, which you can watch above if you enjoy witnessing British people feeling very free.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Knows All About the Notorious R.B.G. Meme

"I will admit I had to be told by my law clerks, what's this Notorious."

It took her 17 years after his death, but 81-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is finally aware of the Notorious B.I.G. Ginsburg's law clerks informed her after first showing her the "Notorious RBG" Tumblr that was created in the summer of 2013. Ginsburg revealed this and other fun facts in an interview with Katie Couric that touched on her women-hating male colleagues, her longevity on the court, and, most important, her new awareness of the Brooklyn hip-hop legend and her own meme-ification.

"I will admit I had to be told by my law clerks, what's this Notorious." »

See Inside Artist Adrian Nivola’s Bushwick Studio and Home

On the eve of his sculpture show at the Drawing Room.

For artist Adrian Nivola's first show of sculpture, opening on August 1 at the Drawing Room in East Hampton, he was inspired by the magical thinking of the early aviators who crafted improbable flying machines. Growing up, he and his brother — actor Alessandro — were privy to the magical thinking of their grandparents, Costantino and Ruth Nivola, and their great friend, Saul Steinberg. Click through the gallery ahead for a tour of his studio and home and a preview of works in the upcoming show.

Exclusive: Sasha Pivovarova and Andreea Diaconu Give Us Thelma & Louise Vibes

With an Inez and Vinoodh–directed video.

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin headed upstate — to the town of Harriman, New York, population 2,500 — for Chloé's fall campaign, starring Sasha Pivovarova and Andreea Diaconu. The girls go on a small-town road trip that happens to evoke one of our favorite female duos. The house's creative director, Clare Waight Keller, explained her vision in a press release: “As with the collection, I wanted to create this sense of mystery, something strange and a little bit wild. I liked the idea of two girls escaping, moving forward. There’s a real beauty in the idea of chasing something hopeful.” Ride shotgun with them by watching the exclusive campaign video above.

Watch Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn Get Tattoos and Sing ‘A Whole New World’

And sing a song from Aladdin

In the latest video from Jourdan Dunn's cooking series, Well Dunn, the model steps out of the kitchen and coincidentally runs into her friend Cara Delevingne outside her favorite Thai restaurant. The two drink beer and eat banana-leaf salad, and then Delevingne shows off the "Made In England" tattoo on the bottom of her foot. ("I was going to get Made In Taiwan because I thought that was funnier," she explains.) Overcome with joy from the tattoo show-and-tell and eating sticky rice with their hands, the two trot off to Bang Bang Tattoos to get matching "Double D" tattoos. Watch the video to see how they channel their tattoo pain into selfies and sing harmonies with "A Whole New World" and CeCe Peniston. 

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Martha Stewart Calls Terry Richardson ‘Cute’

While posing with a needlepoint pillow of a fancy dog. 

Just after Martha Stewart published a personal essay about how she learned to stop worrying and love her drones, she resumed her usual activities: sitting up very straight alongside fancy dogs, washing string beans, and dorkily standing by horses. She trimmed monster flowers in misting rain and proudly held needlepoint pillows

"'Oh, he is cute,' she will say later, when he comes to say goodbye." »

Warren G Finally Reads President Warren G. Harding’s Sexy, Sexy Love Letters


A couple weeks ago on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver read a few of the recently released sex notes that President Warren G. Harding wrote to his mistress. If that wasn't hot enough, last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live got Warren G to read them. The video is funny and sexy as hell, and it makes you picture President Warren G. Harding chilling in the sky with Nate Dogg, smoking all of Heaven's best weed.

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