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Lea Michele Supersized Her Eyebrows

Whoa. Where did these come from?

Giving hope to everyone furiously Googling "Cara Delevingne brows," Lea Michele walked the red carpet at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment breakfast with newly extra-large eyebrows. Natural looking but definitely full, they're a far cry from her earlier brow look, which was thin, trim, and nearly Spock-like. Either Lea has finally found a brow-growing serum that works, or her brow pencil has been furiously working overtime. Most important: They aren't Instagram Eyebrows

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See ‘Cozy’ Portraits From Hood by Air Photographer Kevin Amato

Kevin Amato's new book offers an intimate look at the brand's crew. 

Photographer Kevin Amato began taking pictures in New York in 2003, as a student at the School of Visual Arts. In 2007, he met Hood by Air designer Shayne Oliver, and, in the seven years since, he's shot the brand's campaigns and documented its followers and friends. His reportage-style pictures have appeared in everything from Dazed & Confused to GQ — and now, along with Hood by Air and other streetwear friends like Virgil Abloh of Off-White, Amato has designed a pricey loungewear and bedding capsule collection to fund the self-publishing of his first photography book, somewhat ironically named Cozy. Now sold at hip shops around the world like London's Selfridges and Paris's Colette, the book is a collection of a decade's worth of personal and commercial work.

"My work is about family and extended family, tribes, the tribes we create." »

Nicki, Drake, and the Charms of Male Thirst

“Only” and a recent breakup have undermined the joke in Drake and Nicki’s public flirtation.

Two nights ago, Nicki Minaj told Andy Cohen that she does not want to hook up with Drake, a proposition Drake has floated many times, most recently in "Only," a single from Minaj's The Pinkprint. The album came out this week and has been largely described as a breakup album. This morning, the Cut discussed the implications of Drake's public, maybe-joking courtship campaign.

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Obama Only Called on Women During His Last Press Conference of 2014

Sorry, dudes.

Attention all meninists! President Obama has subtly acknowledged and even offered his approval of the brewing feminist revolution. At his last press conference of 2014, he made a point to call on only female reporters, even flat-out ignoring a question shouted by a man in favor of calling on a woman. Dudes, ya burnt.

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Kanye Spent $74,000 on North’s Christmas Gifts

Remarkable gift-giving restraint.

What do you get for the tiny famous child who has everything? A Chanel bag? Some custom Balmain? A trip to Paris? Oh, how embarrassing, North West already has these things. Luckily, father Kanye has figured out the perfect unique gifts to bestow upon his cherished 18-month-old. The Daily Mail reports that North will receive a $62,000 diamond tiara and a North-size matte-black SUV to match Daddy’s whip.

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The Season for Social-Media Self-Loathing

One woman showed us the way everyone feels at the holidays.

One of the funniest items to wash up on the shores of my social-media beaches over the last week was the case of Bridget and her hostile Christmas cards. “Bridget,” one of four sisters, used to appear regularly on her parents’ traditional holiday card — well into adulthood. But then, according to the accounts I read, her siblings got married, had children, and began producing offspring — and Christmas cards — of their own. Still single, Bridget became a holiday-card exile. “My parents decided it would be awkward to have a Christmas card with just one daughter in it, so they cut Bridget out,” wrote one of the sisters, who posted four years of Bridget’s cards online. Those cards were Bridget’s comic revenge on her family, on the entire merry, jolly business of Christmas, and indeed on the merry, jolly business of living out your life on social media. They completely exploded online.

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11 Ways to Wear Skirts With Boots This Winter

Look, no pants!

When the temperatures drop, the logical thing to do is to batten down the hatch and pull out your sweatpants. But this year, style bloggers around the world refused to fall victim to the temptations of loose fabrics and elastic waistbands — and instead squeezed themselves into an impressive array of over-the-knee boots. In London, Fisayo Longe paired hers with a pleated leather skirt, while in Ukraine, Nika Huk wore thigh-highs with a cozy plaid scarf and fluffy clutch. Click through our slideshow to see 11 ways style bloggers wore — despite temperatures — the tall-boot-and-skirt trend this week. 

18 Festive New Year’s Eve Shoes That Won’t Kill Your Feet

New Year's Eve shoes of every sparkle and stripe. 

New Year's Eve is approaching (it's in 12 days, to be exact) and no matter your plans, it's time to start thinking about what to wear. Whether you're going to a warm-weather destination or sipping Champagne on your couch, a cool, festive heel or flat will be perfect for the night. To get you in the spirit, we've rounded up the best footwear options — from glitzy (but comfortable) sparklers to sandals that won't kill your feet if you have to stand for hours. The best part, of course, is that you can wear them all through 2015. Click through the slideshow to see our picks.

Kim Kardashian Walked on Tufts of Rabbit Fur

Courtesy of Céline.

Though there was a time when Jimmy Choo x Uggs were her cozy shoes of choice, it appears that Kim Kardashian has upgraded her preferences in fuzzy footwear. Last night, she enjoyed dinner with Kanye in Brentwood while resting her feet on luscious tufts of rabbit fur, courtesy of Céline. She paired the fur-lined stiletto sandals — previously seen on Phoebe Philo herself — with a dusty purple mock turtleneck and knit black pencil skirt for a furry take on her usual look

Naomi Campbell Forced Herself to Audition for Burberry

Self-imposed challenges.

You might think that a model of Naomi Campbell's stature could pretty much write her own ticket to whatever fashion campaign she pleases. Not so, according to a primary source on the matter: Naomi Campbell herself. She tells Yahoo Style that, prior to her Burberry campaign with Jourdan Dunn, she imposed a go-see on herself.

Mario (Testino) and Christopher (Bailey) came up with this idea of having myself and Jourdan be the two girls for Spring/Summer 2015, and when I got the phone call I was like “No, I don’t believe this, it’s probably not going to work out.” I called up Mario and I said, “I want to come on a go-see, I want you to see how I look.” So I did a go-see for Mario! At 44 years old!

Naomi Campbell: the humblest of supermodels.

Finally, a Good Dry Shampoo for Brunettes

No ghostly roots.

True hair equality means that everyone, regardless of hair color, gets good dry shampoo. This has not always been the case for brunettes. Some dry shampoos, even the best ones, cast a gray-ish pall over dark hair, creating a reverse ombré. But Klorane, the favored dry shampoo for many a professional hairstylist and beauty editor, has a new formula just for brunettes. Like the original, the formula is never sticky, tacky, or overly powdery, and gives hair texture and lift. It's also excellent at soaking up the grease from unwashed hair — especially when you've reached the two-, three-, or (embarrassing) four-day mark. It also has the slightest brown tint, enabling it to blend easily into hair no matter how extreme your root situation is.

Klorane Tinted Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk for Brunettes, $19.50 at Amazon.

Vivienne Westwood Says: Merry Christmas, Here’s Some Asbestos

She attempted to deliver it to David Cameron.

Vivienne Westwood had an interesting stocking stuffer for British Prime Minister David Cameron today. According to the Evening Standard, the designer went to No. 10, accompanied by her son Joe Corre and a gas-masked Santa — not for carols, but to deliver a package containing asbestos. The Santa-hat-wearing Westwood, who has been a vocal opponent of fracking, planned the stunt to raise awareness about how the practice could be the next asbestos or thalidomide disaster, in terms of environmental impact. Westwood told the paper, "We have the opportunity now, and I hope David Cameron takes it, to put an end to what could be something quite disastrous for the UK." Unfortunately, this particular package did not make it to its intended recipient, as the police did not allow her to enter.

Miss World Pageant Axes Swimsuit Portion

"There didn't seem to be a purpose to have the swimsuit."

The Miss World competition has decided to cancel the swimsuit portion of its competition. The national director of the Miss World America and Miss United States organization cited a lack of "purpose" to the bathing-costume parade. This is an odd strategy, because nearly every other garment traditionally worn in pageants (gowns; tiaras; sashes) is much easier to criticize with an argument that cites purposelessness. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Here is the statement from director Chris Wilmer: 

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The Instagram Rapture Threw Us Into Existential Crisis

Do we even matter?

In the week since Instagram announced its plan to delete inactive accounts and spam-bots, users have been anxiously wondering when the axe would drop and how bad the carnage would be. Well, Thursday that axe fell with a resounding “everything you know is a lie.” Justin Bieber lost 3 million followers; Harry Styles, over 700,000; Bryan Boy, 255,000; Jen Selter, the Belfie Queen, 100,000 precious pieces of her identity. Kim Kardashian lost a cool million followers.

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Here’s Dolly Parton’s Closet, a Glorious Feast of Sparkles

A delight to the eye.

Last week, Our Patron Saint of Sparkles Dolly Parton put her glorious stage costumes on display for an exhibition benefiting her namesake nonprofit. Sadly, it was a single-night affair to which we were not invited, but Parton gave V magazine full photo access to her costume archives for its January issue. For those who missed seeing Parton's wardrobe in the flesh, here are never-before-seen images of select items in all their fringe-y, spangly, over-the-top glory. The photos might be new, but they invoke the same question we've been asking for decades now: Just how did she get into these dresses with those boobs?!

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