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Read All of the Cut’s Pretty Hurts Stories in One Place

Meditations on chin hair, weight gain, Spanx, and much more.

This week, the Cut dove into the deep end of exploring women’s complicated relationships to beauty standards—from armpit hair to anti-wrinkle electrocution treatments. In case you missed it, here are all of our Pretty Hurts stories in one place, including mediations on Spanx, dandruff, and double D cups.   

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  • 11/21/14 at 5:33 PM

Should Teens Get Laser Hair Removal?

Permanent beauty treatments ask us to guess how much beauty norms will change during our lifetime.

This week, the Cut explores women's complicated relationship to beauty standards and the effort required to meet them.

When I announced my fifth-grade desire to start shaving my legs, my mother’s protective wisdom was that I put it off as long as possible. Once you start, she explained, you can never stop. Stubble — which is more unpleasant than blonde tween fur — will come and keep coming until you die. I stole my dad’s Bic and jumped on the hamster wheel.

But the advent of laser hair removal has inverted the teen hair-removal equation. The sooner have your follicles obliterated by a beam of concentrated light, the more hours of your life you might reclaim for pursuits more stimulating than shaving and waxing. And as laser hair removal gets cheaper and more convenient (especially in New York, where you don’t need to be a doctor to do it), the rites and humiliation of puberty remain pretty much the same. Once a pricy last resort for teen girls bullied for their mustaches, laser hair removal is now a plausible first choice for young women finding hair in new places. But is it actually a good idea?

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Taylor Swift Is Bitter and Jaded Just Like the Rest of Us

I worry for the kittens.

Taylor Swift used to live in a cookie-scented world of bouncing, singing angel-kittens and purple unicorns and rainbow clouds that shot giggles and hearts. It was a world where Prince Charming, "The One," was on the way and happily ever after was pretty much a done deal. Used to. As she tells Lucky magazine, she is a naïve child no more. Her eyes are opened in the harsh light of day. Her singing angel-kittens are dead:

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A Sexy Cutout Bustier You Can Wear Anytime

A piece that defies gravity.

Perhaps it's time to flip the script on lingerie — that it's only worn to be taken off as quickly as possible — and splurge on a bodice that you can wear in nearly any situation. Try this piece under a sharp blazer or over a filmy tee with jeans for a more downtown look. Either way, the black satin crepe and flawless construction will give you a shot of confidence that's worth every penny.

Zimmermann Black Crepe Plunge Bodice, $310 at Zimmermann.

  • 11/21/14 at 5:00 PM

Uniqlo’s Chief Creative Officer Talks About the Retailer’s Spring Refresh

Lots more stores, loads more prints.

Earlier this week, in the Frank Gehry–designed IAC building — which resembles a spaceship that just happened to dock on the side of the West Side Highway — LeAnn Nealz was getting to work. The recently appointed chief creative officer of Uniqlo (she joined the company in January) walked purposefully from display to display, taking visitors through the different parts of the retailer's spring 2015 offering. She joined, she says, because "Uniqlo has a strong philosophy and value system that I believe in." That doesn't mean she doesn't have a few plans to shake things up, though: While the brand has long been known for its basics, Nealz has said that she is interested in making the aesthetic more feminine.

In particular, you'll see more prints. »

So, There Might Be a Rat Infestation at Vogue

Maybe Chanel can design some chic traps?

Vogue's downtown migration to One World Trade Center was documented with military precision on Instagram. Models pitched in (though it must have been tough to get much done in a floor-length gown). helped schlep boxes, for some reason. Now the magazine is firmly established downtown, and amid the helicopter-assisted sunset vistas, it appears that there may also be a less picturesque facet to the new digs. Gawker is reporting that the offices are #blessed with a rat infestation. According to one of their sources, Anna Wintour has decreed that the staff  "must ensure that her personal office is rat-free before she enters it." Glamorous!

  • 11/21/14 at 3:45 PM
  • Q&a

What It Takes to Be a ‘Plus-Size’ Model

For her dissertation, a sociologist decided to see if she could make it as a plus-size model.

Amanda Czerniawski, an assistant professor of sociology at Temple University, took an unconventional approach to writing her dissertation: She decided to try her hand at plus-size modeling. “As an academic, I’d always been interested in the notion of ‘ideal weight,’” Czerniawski told the Cut. “I wanted to try to understand the position of plus-size models — and what impact they can have on constructions of beauty.” As a former child-actor, modeling wasn’t completely foreign to her — so she decided to get some headshots taken and try her hand at getting an agent.

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5 Fall Candles That Are Cozier Than a Blanket

It's candle season.

After I moved into my new apartment, the first thing I bought was a candle. The place smelled like the previous tenant — and he didn’t exactly smell like Chanel No. 5 — and I felt that a candle was my way to claim the space, to make it feel like home. Over my time there, I've burned one every season to evoke a different mood, but there's no better time to buy a candle than now to make your home feel instantly more cozy. I tested a handful and found some that were spicy, and others crisp, and many that were perfect for fall. Click through the slideshow for my picks. 

She Woke Up Like This: Stylist Haley Wollens

"If I feel dirty enough, I’ll take a shower."

In this series from Pretty Hurts, Petra Collins photographs seven women as they prepare for their days.

Stylist Haley Wollens — who has worked with M.I.A., Miley, and Drake — rises early and immediately gets to work. “I usually wake up around 7. I don’t sleep that much,” she says. “If I feel dirty enough, I’ll take a shower. My only ritual is that I make a cup of tea, I brush my teeth, and I just start. I work from home a lot, and I just get into it.”

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Ask Polly: How Do I Let Go When I Thought He Was ‘The One’?

Don't let yourself get cropped out of the picture.

Dear Polly,

I broke up with the love of my life five months ago. That sounds incredibly dramatic, but I really believed that this man was the one for me. In the day-to-day, he was kind, respectful, responsible, generally thoughtful, fun, smart, adventurous, sexy, and every bit the type of man I wanted to marry. Now, I'm not the type of girl who awakens each day and knows that my life goal is to find a man to put a ring on it. I'm a strong individual in my own right and so is he, and I think that's why we worked so well and lasted so long.

But on the big life decisions, partnership and love weren't ever near the top of his priority list. He's extremely successful, and he measures his self-value and worth by the notches on his career-driven belt. While he spent most of our relationship as a totally engaged boyfriend, he also took large chunks of time (six months or so each time) to fully dive head-first into work projects and completely push me away. I seek balance above everything else, and this always frustrated me. I remember in one of our fights he yelled, "I feel like you need me all the time, but you don't support me! All I do is support you, and I just don't need you!"

"This guy is into HIS dramatic arc, not yours." »

Gwyneth Paltrow Partied in a Crop Top With Tracy Anderson

Plus, pictures of Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, multiple Jenners, and more at this week’s parties.

While New York may have experienced its first radical temperature drop of the season this week, it certainly doesn’t seem like anyone used it as an excuse to stay home. This week’s parties were bursting with notable attendees: Last night, Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell caught up at the Natural History Museum Gala, while Margot Robbie and Kate Bosworth both attended the Hugo Boss Prize event at the Guggenheim with Jason Wu. Meanwhile, everyone from Kris Jenner and Donald Trump to Franca Sozzani and Valentino Garavani attended the New York Ball, hosted by the European School of Economics. In London, Kate Moss partied hard at David Beckham’s celebration for Another Man Magazine, while Lindsay Lohan made an appearance at Charlotte Tilbury’s Backstage Beauty Booth launch party. In Australia, Kim Kardashian continued her enthusiastic promotion of her seventh fragrance, Fleur Fatale, and in L.A., Gwyneth Paltrow donned a crop top to celebrate Tracy Anderson at the Imagine1day Gala.

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  • 11/21/14 at 1:44 PM
  • Feuds

Gwyneth Paltrow Sends Martha Stewart a Subtle Burn

Insults hidden in cakes.

Gwyneth Paltrow has thrown the latest jab in the most passive-aggressive feud in lifestyle-arbiter history. (So passive, in fact, we might be imagining it, but onward.)  Last month, Martha Stewart Living included a recipe titled Conscious Coupling, a delicious chocolate-cream pie that doubled as a pretty obvious Goop dis (mocking her New Age beliefs and promoting a sugary carb tart? Double burn). Paltrow has replied in kind. In this week’s Goop newsletter, she included a recipe for Jailbird Cake, a delicious-sounding “no bake” cake but also a nod to Stewart’s time crafting in a minimum-security prison.

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  • 11/21/14 at 1:36 PM

Margot Robbie Talks About That Underwater W Cover

"They told me to practice in the bathtub."

How long can Margot Robbie hold her breath? In light of her new W cover, which depicts her underwater, it seemed worth investigating. “Maybe a minute?” the actress estimated at last night’s Hugo Boss Awards, which also drew Kate Bosworth and Nicola Peltz. Robbie was given "a bit of a heads up" by the magazine's brass, she said: "They told me to practice in the bathtub."

The image is one of two covers of the magazine's December/January art-and-fashion issue; the other features Jake Gyllenhaal similarly submerged. Artist Bill Viola snapped both stars in a water tank at his California studio. “We did a couple of costume changes, so we ended up doing it quite a few times, actually,” Robbie said. The final shot shows her wearing an embellished Donna Karan dress. Had she ever taken a plunge in a $10,000 gown before this shoot? “Definitely not!”

  • 11/21/14 at 1:02 PM

Burberry Takes Its Trench to the Beach

To celebrate its new Los Angeles store.

Beverly Hills: That's where Burberry wants to be. To celebrate its freshly opened flagship there, the brand enlisted fans like actress Ashley Madekwe  and Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi to model their favorite trench styles in a variety of L.A. locales: Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood sign, and even the sandy boardwalks of Santa Monica — proof that the classic really can be worn anywhere.

Easy Spirit: 7 Wide-Leg Trousers to Wear With Flats

When boots get boring.

When you inevitably tire of skinny jeans and boots — and heels feel too fussy — try pairing wide-leg trousers with comfortable flats. It's a laid-back look you can wear anywhere: to the office with a blouse or sweater, while running weekend errands, or to a holiday party instead of a dress. The extra fabric will keep you warm, and you won't have to worry about clunky heels. Click through the slideshow to see seven ways to wear wide-leg pants through fall— before it's time to think about snow boots. 

Can You Train Yourself to Accept Your Body?

A wearable device delivered an electric jolt every time I had a negative thought about my appearance. 

This week, the Cut explores women's complicated relationship to beauty standards and the effort required to meet them.

I’ve been calling this “My Year of Ugly.” This is based on a few factors: major weight gain thanks to “Enjoying Life to the Fullest" (alternate title: “The Year I Became Comfortable Requesting a Double Order of Mozzarella Sticks”); an uninformed transition to natural hair that led to a lot of damage and an awkward haircut; and a cropping of acne worse than any I had in middle school. The end result is a sustained, overwhelming feeling of discontent with my appearance.

There are a lot of things I could have done to combat this feeling. I could have gotten a different haircut (or a wig), gone to the gym, purchased some self-help books, new shoes, or lipstick. Instead, I developed an internal patter of constant, vicious, negative self-talk, which has led to the kind of crippling insecurity that turns itself outward. I can’t take a compliment without a deflection or an awkward "Oh, you have to say that." At first, friends chuckled and reassured me that I was being crazy. Then they began to titter uncomfortably and look away. Eventually, my "Ugh, I'm so fat"s were met with silence or broken eye contact. Finally, a friend sighed and asked, “Seriously, aren’t you tired of talking about yourself this way?”

Of course I am. If I heard someone talk to a friend the way I talk to myself, I’d slap them in the face. Unfortunately, it’s physically challenging to slap oneself in one’s own face, which is why I decided to use the technological equivalent: the Pavlock.

I programmed a wearable device to shock me every time I had a negative thought about my appearance. »
  • 11/21/14 at 12:18 PM
  • Art

Look! Jackie O on the Art Scene Back in 1966

Vintage photos from the Whitney Museum's very first gala.

The Whitney Museum has vacated the Breuer Building and is preparing to move downtown to the Meatpacking District. SEEN was at the Whitney's last big hurrah on Museum Mile earlier this week, where we spotted these amazing photos of the Whitney's inaugural gala, back in 1966. In some ways, not much has changed (New Yorkers still like an excuse to get dressed and liquored up), but in other ways, we can't help but feel nostalgic for a time when Jackie O might have showed up looking fabulous and when you could (possibly) afford a great Frank Stella.

Get Your Panem Name With Our Hunger Games Name Generator

Who are you in Panem?

When The Hunger Games movie came out in 2012, it ushered in the Era of Jennifer Lawrence and helped demonstrate how to turn a hugely popular, but often very dark, YA series into a well-received box-office hit. It also gave Vulture the opportunity to put together a Hunger Games Name Generator, on account of the franchise's offbeat, distinctive characters names. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -Part I opens this weekend, which seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring back the name generator — with new and improved names. If you don't like the name you get on your first try, keep clicking; it'll be different every time. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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