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See Miss Ohio's Creepy Ventriloquist Act

At the Miss America pageant.

The Miss America pageant is always full of ridiculous moments, and this year's was brought to us by Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart, the show’s first ventriloquist in fifty years. She performed a sassy version of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" with a Miss Piggy-esque puppet, Roxy. It's a strange mix of impressive and scary.

Street-Style Awards: The 25 Best-Dressed People From London Fashion Week

London street-stylers let their freak flags fly.

This season, the Cut ranks the street-style looks from the previous days at Fashion Week. We've selected these 25 images out of the many that photographer YoungJun Koo shot in London to bring you this list. Agree? Disagree? Chime in below in the comments.

If street-style looks during New York Fashion Week were dominated by crisp shirt-dresses and layers of Céline, London was just the opposite: sparkles, kooky embroidered mini-dresses, and loads of fringe. The London shows, which began on Friday, brought out everyone from Eva Chen -- radiant and, this time, a little more abstract -- Poppy Delevingne  looking like a 50's pinup girl, and one woman who wore her cellphone on her skirt.

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My Year As an Abortion Doula

What it's like to help other women end their pregnancies.

Welcome to Ovaries Week — the Cut's exploration of the female reproductive system, in its many confusing, intense, sometimes challenging, sometimes funny, often surprising facets. 

My first patient ever stares at me blankly when I say the doctor will see her soon. Her two small children treat the waiting room chairs like monkey bars; they’ve been sitting around for hours. Dee (some names have been changed throughout) is here to get laminaria inserted, the small seaweed sticks positioned in the cervix that expand upon contact with moisture, producing enough dilation to enable a second trimester abortion, which will happen tomorrow. I know I’m not succeeding at giving her the warm, confident assurance I’ve practiced in the mirror.

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Every Single Time Beyoncé Has Worn Topshop

So many matching crop-top sets. 

Though the debate over whether Beyoncé is actually mortal continues, a pretty solid portion of her wardrobe comes from a surprisingly mortal source: Topshop. (She’s an especially big fan of the coordinating sets.) Even though it’s very likely that a stylist is sourcing these items, we couldn’t help but imagine a familiar scenario:

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  • 9/12/14 at 6:37 PM

Watch: The Cut Talks Runway Twerking and SpongeBob

With editorial director Stella Bugbee and comedian Abbi Crutchfield.

Fusion TV invited the Cut's editorial director, Stella Bugbeeand contributor Abbi Crutchfield to give them the lowdown on Fashion Week. Watch the video to hear about this season's club-kid looks at Hood by Air and Echkaus Latta, a full report from what happens when you wear a SpongeBob Moschino dress to the tents, twerking with Nicki Minaj at Alexander Wang, and so much more.

Street-Style Awards: The 17 Best-Dressed People From NYFW, Day 8

New York street style ended on a high note.

This season, the Cut will be ranking the street-style looks from the previous day. We've selected these 17 images out of the many that photographer YoungJun Koo shot to bring you this list. Agree? Disagree? Chime in below, in the comments.

Before we bid New York Fashion Week adieu, there's still a day's worth of street style to rank and one more chance for a rookie to come in and sweep the field. While many skipped town early for London, there were heavy hitters who remained for the biggest shows of the week, namely: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs. Anya Ziourova and Tao Okamoto both dressed appropriately for the day, snapped in Calvin Klein ensembles just before the show. Others took the opportunity to go flashier, like Miroslava Duma, who wore a hypnotic jacket, and Eva Chen, who went for an off-the-shoulder printed dress. And then there was an unintentionally hilarious moment between Tommy Ton and a certain street-style celeb. Who was it? And who landed the top spot to win the trophy on the last day of NYFW? Click ahead to find out — and get excited for London, where the rankings will definitely take a much wackier turn!

  • 9/12/14 at 6:01 PM

5 Backstage Beauty Lessons From the Last Days of Fashion Week

Try a reverse manicure.

The New York beauty season has been simultaneously weird and low-maintenance. Backstage seemed calmer this season, maybe because some shows required zero makeup. That left plenty of time for me to pester the experts backstage for a few pearls of beauty wisdom. Here, the five beauty tips I learned in the final days of New York Fashion Week:

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Style Diaries: See All of Jamie Chung’s Fashion Week Looks in One Place

The actress and style blogger on a few of her NYFW outfits.

Actress Jamie Chung has appeared in Sucker Punch and the upcoming Sin City 2 — but also runs a delightful food and style blog called What the Chung. Over the past few seasons, she's become a fixture at Fashion Week parties and in front rows, and it's easy to see why: Her sense of style is unique — a mix of breezy bohemian dresses and modern pieces. This Fashion Week, the Cut followed Jamie from shows to parties, including the 3.1 Phillip Lim ten-year anniversary bash and InStyle's party. 

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This Perfume Is Better Than a Power Suit

The get-shit-done fragrance.

Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme Parfum Intense is undeniably a fragrance for men. Its top notes — bergamot, citron, and black pepper — smell really manly. But with the addition of sensual middle notes, like violet and orange, and a base of cedar and suede, it becomes light enough to pass as a woman's scent.

The get-shit-done fragrance. »

Diesel Heiress Alessia Rosso Loves a Good Tan, Will Serve You Beer

Plus: She's a master flirt.

Continuing on from our chat with Violante Nessi, for this week's edition of Life Alla Moda, we sat down with the lovely and low-key Alessia Rosso, video artist and daughter of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso. Born in Veneto, Rosso currently divides her time between New York and Los Angeles. Click ahead for her thoughts on skin care, dinner-party etiquette, and why she always goes back to Italian men. 

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  • 9/12/14 at 4:55 PM

The Fug Girls: Best and Worst of New York Fashion Week

If we’d invented Orange Is the New Black Bingo, we would have KILLED at it this week.

Call us crazy, but Fashion Week felt lower-energy this season. We don't know if it's because it started right on the heels of Labor Day, or because Diet Coke has secretly tampered with its own caffeine levels — or even if we're imagining it. Fortunately, even a less revved-up Fashion Week is still a fun one, and so we're sorry to see it go. While we're recalibrating to a life that doesn’t include dramatic lighting and being screamed at to uncross our legs, please enjoy our rundown of the best and worst and weirdest of what happened in the last seven days.

Going to an Italian Spa? Prepare for Second-Base Action

Expect a very thorough rubdown — and other pointers for novice spagoers.

Soon after we moved to Italy to open our new hotel we decided to try out massage therapists for the property. I distinctly remember the first tryout with a rather handsome man who also happened to be our second chef. I was lying on the table — front up — and to my surprise he removed my towel, poured oil on my nipples, and then for a good five minutes massaged my breasts. It wasn’t erotic, but it wasn’t completely mechanical either. “Perhaps,” I ventured tentatively afterward, “you should ask our clients if they want that part of the massage before touching their chest. In America, we don’t do that, especially when it is a therapist of the opposite gender.” He looked at me with surprise, and said, “But surely they want their pectorals to be relaxed?”

After living here almost a decade, I have become entirely at home with this aspect of massage in Italy. (Although I do always suggest that masseuses inform our guests of this part of the therapy in order to avoid any embarrassment on either side.) But I am still amazed at the particularly strange mix of modesty and complete lack of it here, a cultural norm where pharmacies have no problem advertising cellulite creams with a full-size sexualized photo of a perfect pert ass, while there's also a prudish air against letting children run naked on the beach.

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Nicki Minaj Wants to Make $500 Million and Then Some Babies

Having it all, when "it all" is $500 million. 

How does Nicki Minaj greet visitors to her home, you might wonder at this moment, as you often do.

Wonder no more, Minaj daydreamer: According to a recent Dazed profile by Phoebe Lovatt, Nicki Minaj greets visitors wearing yellow rubber gloves, which she will then rip off before changing into a designer bikini. This is Minaj's home and this is how she welcomes you. She is an active preserver of domestic hygiene and a glamorous sunbather. She is the very spirit of variety.

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Dating Naked: Just Put Your Clothes Back on Already

You're ruining the nudity with all these feelings.

We’re almost at the end of the first season of Dating Naked, and it’s like the nakedness doesn’t even faze me anymore. Does it faze anyone? We've reached a post-naked era on this show. Now it’s all about feelings and emotional nakedness. Dating Naked, you’ve changed, man. It might be time to break up soon. (But not before you take me to the Naked Wedding, obviously.)

There are three ways to deal with “feelings” on this show (four if you count me co-watching Gilmore Girls on my laptop while Dating Naked plays in the background), and all three are equally represented in this episode: (1) Avoid them with the emotional intelligence of a sociopath or small child, (2) sleazily feign hippie emotional intelligence for sexual gain, and (3) this genius response, given by one contestant: “I’m drinking tequila with my balls out and you’re asking me if I’ve been hurt.”  

Let’s see which one wins in the end, shall we?

Our first and central daters are Juliet, a professional dancer who is originally from Essex. She’s a quirky, which is shorthand for “I freak people out,” but she has a fun accent. It’s very classy. This episode was like Dating Naked: Downton Abbey Edition. Juliet wants to connect on a deep emotional level. Her first date is with Sean, a former Marine from Clearwater, Florida. He’s a “good package” and knows that intimidates people. So rather than date some “dummy girl” he’s “semi-pleased with,” he’s cool with waiting it out in singledom until he finds the most perfect lady in the world.  Sean, prepare yourself for an epic wait.

To the beach, you crazy kids.

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14 Totally Normcore Street-Style Looks From Fashion Week

Crocs, Adidas galore, and plenty of white socks.

While some of the street-style stars have been whipping out their Jeremy Scott for Moschino best or clad in couture sneakers, thus earning spots on our daily best-dressed list, others toyed with that normcore trend we noticed sweeping the nation back in February. This means: Crocs, Adidas shower slides, and yes, white socks galore. Granted, most of them are models who can make a paper sack look fantastic, but there were also intrepid showgoers who tried a new approach to baiting photographers. Click ahead to see the most normcore street-style looks from New York Fashion Week. And here's to hoping the trend doesn't extend to le normcore once it moves to Paris.

A Pair of Chic and Understated Sunglasses

They'll be your go-to pair all year round.

When it comes to Italian eyewear brands, Persol is one of the most well known, with its classic shapes and beloved driving heritage. But there's a new cool kid on the block: Retro Super Future. Collaborating with everyone from A.P.C. to 10 Corso Como, the brand makes specs that are consistently sporty and eye-catching. The pale-blush hue and subtle tint of this pair make for a softer, feminine take on the Wayfarer shape. Universally flattering, they'll add a sophisticated touch to any outfit and will be versatile enough to wear year round. Not to mention they also guarantee you'll look hotter.

Retro Super Future Paloma sunglasses, $179.72 at Farfetch.

  • 9/12/14 at 1:18 PM
  • Nomo

Tavi Doesn’t Have Fashion Week FOMO

"Things don't have to exist unless you let them into your bubble."

Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson has been enjoying access to exclusive Fashion Week events since she first caught the eye of the fashion world as a tween style blogger. But she hasn't been making the rounds this week since she's been busy prepping for her Broadway debut in Kenneth Lonergan's This Is Our Youth. When the Cut caught up with her last night after the show's opening performance, she revealed that she had zero pangs of remorse about forgoing the annual extravaganza.

“I feel like when you are doing something that you’re happy with, even if it’s like staying at home and reading a book, you don’t have FOMO," she explained. "You can fight it off pretty easily." Gevinson admitted that she hadn't been following Fashion Week from afar; in fact, she hadn't even been thinking about it: "Things don't have to exist unless you let them into your bubble." And so the fashion wunderkind has turned her attention elsewhere. At least for now.


Fashion Week, Captured on Napkins

We sent Napkin Killa to sketch Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, street stylers, and more.

There are no shortages of phones and cameras documenting the scene around Fashion Week, but sometimes we also like the human touch of live illustration. To mix things up this Fashion Week, we sent the Instagram artist Napkin Killa — a.k.a. Spencer O — to document the scene at Lincoln Center Milk Studios and some parties. The Napkin Killa's normal process involves drinking in bars and drawing the characters he sees around him, often unbeknownst to them. When he's done with a portrait he hides the napkins for others to find, but not before Instagramming his victims first. With a napkin and pen in hand, he sketched Anna, Grace, Bill, and Lynn — along with the ATL twins and plenty of out-there street-style stars. He even made an appearance at the Cut’s party on the High Line, where he drew a charming portrait of Kimiko Glenn, Christiane Seidel, and Jessica Williams. Click through the slideshow to see some highlights. And check around the Lincoln Center fountain — you never know, that white square could either be litter or a mini-masterpiece.

Kim Gordon Resisted the Urge to Put Wikipedia Entries in Her Upcoming Memoir

She went for a Joan Didion style instead.

At yesterday's prep-school-inspired luncheon for Chloë Sevigny's Opening Ceremony collection, the Cut ran into former Sonic Youth front woman, current Body/Head member, reverse-aging icon, and soon-to-be-memoirist Kim Gordon. What should we expect from her book — another Just Kids? "More like Joan Didion," she told us. "It’s kind of a portrait of L.A. in the '60s and '70s, and then being in New York in the '80s and '90s, and then beyond." Gordon's already published a book of critical essays, but how did it feel to focus on her own life this time? "It’s kind of boring talking about yourself, so I tried to find ways not to talk about myself," she said. "And then sometimes I wish I could just Wikipedia all the way through the book, so I don’t have to explain what the Raincoats sound like."

Will it be the world's first Wikipedia-annotated memoir? "I was like, 'Has anyone written a book where they just reference Wikipedia?' but I didn’t do that," she said. "I thought that could be funny."

See the full Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony collection here.

On TV and Online, Gymnasts Aren’t Just Cute Little Girls Anymore

Nadia Comaneci's new reality series shows us how the sport's pop-culture presence has changed.

Gymnastics is one of the most-watched sports of the Summer Olympics — between Games, however, it tends to disappear, its stars retiring often in their teens or retreating to the chalky semi-obscurity of training.

Yet there’s some sense that’s changing. Today’s pop-culture churn, after all, demands endless new celebrities, and gymnasts — young, competitive, and photogenic — are perfect candidates. They’ve become memes (McKayla Maroney, of “not impressed” fame), reality-TV competitors (Shawn Johnson and Aly Raisman, on Dancing With the Stars), and victims of privacy violations (Maroney again, whose pictures surfaced in the recent iCloud hack). Now the iconic Nadia Comaneci is head judge on a celebrity reality show about gymnastics: Tumble, which concludes its first season on the BBC this weekend. And Comaneci’s trajectory as a pop-culture figure reflects the changing status of her fellow gymnasts in general. Where once they were portrayed as fragile little girls, they’re increasingly calling the shots themselves, and, maybe unsurprisingly, they seem increasingly adult.

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